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Stand-Up Comedy: “The French Can Hold Their Own with the New Yorkers”

Stand-up comedy is an American genre par excellence, and arrived in France some 15 years ago to shake up the codes of on-stage humor. “Have you heard the one about the guy who comes to the United States with a dollar in his pocket and works hard to make his fortune? Well, I came here with a fortune…” Peals of...

Gad Elmaleh Announces North American Tour

Riding on the success of his Neflix special, American Dream, French comedian Gad Elmaleh will embark in the fall on a 12-date tour of the U.S. and Canada. Gad Elmaleh has been living the "American Dream" for the past three years. The Moroccan-born actor and comedian, who left France where he was a sensation to rediscover himself in New York City,...

Gad Elmaleh’s “American Dream” is Coming to Netflix

Gad Elmaleh's first English-language show, American Dream, will debut on Netflix on March 6, 2018. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the French stand-up comedian and the U.S. streaming platform. After a performance in French, Gad Gone Wild, available since January 2017, the Gad Elmaleh is coming back to Netflix with one-man show in English. In American Dream, taped...