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Experience the Best of Burgundy with Grand Victoria Cruises

[Partner Article] A barge, a region famous for its wines, and one passion: to travel. Since 2015, Edward Anderson and Cindy Unvericht have been offering unique high-end cruises down the Saône and Burgundy canals. An itinerary crafted for those who love French culture takes guests from the hospices of Beaune to the historic Dijon market. "Americans only know Paris, the...

The Challenges of Banning Foie Gras in California

The production and sale of foie gras have been banned once again in California. The law became enforceable on January 7, but how will it be applied and what are the consequences for the market? We interviewed key players in the sector and those who support the ban. Tara Gallegos, spokesperson for the California Attorney General’s Office, which is responsible...

Foie Gras Officially Banned in California

The appeal by producers and restaurant owners has been rejected by the Supreme Court, and the law banning the production and sale of foie gras in California came into effect on January 7. While the appeal was still underway, foie gras remained legal in California. And the procedure filed in March 2018 by the Quebec Association of Duck and Goose...

Eight Ideas for a French Thanksgiving

It is hard to think of a more American tradition than Thanksgiving! Yet it is quite easy to add a little French flavor to your dinner while still serving the traditional turkey. With this in mind, France-Amérique gathered some expert advice from eight French-American gourmets. How to prepare a turkey by Julia Child, who was known for her T.V. program...

Supermarket Fruit Tomato Health
Five Tips for Eating Healthier in the United States

How do you read the labels on American food products? And which labels should you trust? Following the recent publication of her book Bien manger aux Etats-Unis, Kansas-based pharmacist and French expat Isabelle Guglielmi offers her advice on how to improve our diets while consuming U.S. products. France-Amérique: What is the number-one rule for improving diet in the United States?...

Pascaline Lepeltier, Master Sommelier

Pascaline Lepeltier first studied philosophy before deciding to train as a sommelier. After working in New York for almost ten years, she has recently become the first woman to receive the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title in the sommellerie category. Pascaline Lepeltier has made her way to the top. On October 2, she was the only woman among nine...

You Are Where You Eat

Looking for her roots in Normandy, an American writer fell in love with pungent cheese and discovered the importance of terroir in French culture and gastronomy. The sky of Normandy is so blue that painters whose work hangs in the Musée d’Orsay had to find new pigment to paint it — so a guide told me. The sun that shines...

France and the United States From Liberation to Exasperation

How did Americans go, in the mind of the French, from gum-chewing liberators to Coke-swilling invaders? A U.S. historian and a French cheesemonger examined this transformation in a book published this summer. During the Liberation, American GIs used calvados brandy to fuel their Zippo lighters. In 1948, the French communist party called for a boycott of the American soda giant, accusing...

Marseille Likes its McDonald’s

It is unheard of. In France, McDonald’s has long stood for the triumph of junk food, economic imperialism, and the spread of American culture. French farmer and politician José Bové shot to fame when he destroyed a McDonald’s restaurant, and for four years, the inhabitants of Oléron have been fighting to keep the fast-food chain from opening a restaurant on...

Iconic: The Laughing Cow

These triangular cream cheeses combining comté, emmental, gouda, edam, and cheddar are actually a French invention, and known as La Vache Qui Rit. Sold in little round boxes, these snacks are part of fond childhood memories in France. The lighter version is also a best-seller in the United States, where it is sold in supermarkets as the Laughing Cow. The saga...

Joël Robuchon, a Star-Spangled Chef in the United States

Famed for his potato purée with lightly salted butter, the Frenchman was far more than a cook. For many years he embodied French cuisine de terroir from Paris to Las Vegas. “To describe Joël Robuchon as a cook is a bit like calling Pablo Picasso a painter, Luciano Pavarotti a singer, Frederic Chopin a pianist, “wrote American Patricia Wells. The...

French-American Commercial Feuds (4/5): The Mimolette and Saucisson Embargos

Franco-American history features a number of commercial and diplomatic disputes, from the “chicken war” in the 1960s to Donald Trump’s recent declarations about taxing steel and aluminum imported from Europe. With its boycotts and protectionist policies, we explore these conflicts through five episodes looking at the history of certain controversial products. Episode 4: The FDA Clamps Down on Mimolette Cheese...

Le Bateau Ivre, a Haven for French Wine Lovers in Manhattan

Known as the first wine bar in New York City, the French bistro Le Bateau Ivre will be participating in French Restaurant Week through July 15. The owners of Le Bateau Ivre are from India. The chef is from Venezuela and the kitchen staff is from Ecuador, Mexico, and Guatemala. Yet the French atmosphere can be seen from miles away....

French Restaurant Week Celebrates its 4th Year in Chicago

Ten French restaurants will be participating in Chicago’s French Restaurant Week from July 9 to 22. Each location will offer set prix-fixe menus: $17.89 for the bar, $25 for lunch, $38 for dinner, and $178.90 for dinner for two. Taking from Chicago’s most prestigious restaurants, French Restaurant Week will pay homage to the diversity of French cuisine in the Windy...

French Butchers Threatened by Veganism

The French are eating less and less meat. Butchers have noticed a 10-percent drop in meat sales between 2000 and 2012, and are worried about the threat supposedly brought about by vegans. They are now seeking police protection after several meat shops and restaurants were vandalized in the past few weeks. In a letter to the French Interior Ministry, the...

French Restaurant Week Returns to NYC

Starting on July 2, French Restaurant Week returns to New York City for its 8th year with 22 locations ranging from Parisian bistros to brunch places and farm-to-table eateries. These New York restaurants will show off their authentic French cuisine from July 2-15, where prices will be fixed for their lunch and dinner menus. This year, the set price is...

Parisian Bistros Appeal for Unesco World Heritage Status

Parisian bistro owners are looking to have their terraces granted Unesco's intangible cultural heritage status. The initiative is backed “wholeheartedly” by the city of Paris but has drawn criticism from the New York Times. The American media is quick to cover anything to do with French culture, especially when there is cause for controversy — a privilege reserved exclusively for...[Subscriber]

Anthony Bourdain, 61, Dead by Suicide

Anthony Bourdain, 61-year-old American celebrity chef, was found dead in his hotel room in France. It was pronounced a suicide. Bourdain was in Kaysersberg, a small Alsatian village between Strasbourg and Colmar, shooting an episode for his series named Parts Unknown for CNN, discussing culinary traditions around the world. His hanged body was found by close friend French chef Eric Ripert,...

Liberty, Equality, Camembert!

Is this the end of French Camembert? Starting in 2021, the "Camembert de Normandie" Protected Designation of Origin label, which guarantees a locally-made, raw milk cheese, will become available to cheeses made using pasteurized milk. The decision has concerned and enraged local producers, who have called for a boycott of Camembert if the change takes effect. “Soon enough," writes the...

French Cuisine No Longer the Big Cheese

This week, we learned simultaneously that the world’s best camembert is from Quebec, and that more hamburgers are sold in France than the traditional jambon-beurre ham sandwiches. If we are to believe the results of a cheese competition organized by local producers in Wisconsin, the world’s best camembert is called Extra, and is made in Saint-Hyacinthe in Quebec. While the...[Subscriber]