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Céline Sciamma: The French Director Winning Over U.S. Critics

With Portrait of a Lady on Fire, screened in a selection of U.S. theaters in early December before its national release on February 14, Céline Sciamma has found a following in America. Everyone has applauded her liberated perspective and her approach to feminine eroticism freed from objectification. Somewhere on a Breton island during the 18th century, painter Marianne (Noémie Merlant)...

The Hello Girls, the Voice of the U.S. Army in France

The first women recruited by the U.S. Army were equipped with helmets and gasmasks just like their male counterparts, but they were armed with telephones. Some 223 French-speaking American women served as switchboard operators during World War I. Nicknamed the “Hello Girls,” they acted as a link between the front line and the rear guard and between French and American...

Christine Blasey Ford, Equality Leading the People

The testimony of a university professor who has brought sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump's candidate to the U.S. Supreme Court heralds a new step in the #MeToo movement. Women all over the world are now speaking out as one to tell men that “enough is enough.” Last Thursday I was on Times Square in New York where all media...[Subscriber]

The Video of a Young Woman Assaulted in Paris Shocks the U.S.

On Wednesday, July 25, Marie Laguerre posted footage online of a man assaulting her and revived the conversation about everyday sexism. Sexual violence against women in France are increasingly concerning, report American news outlets. On YouTube, the assault of Marie Laguerre has already been seen by more than 4 million viewers. “Clearly, it’s struck a chord with the many people...

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The Michelin Guide Has Left Women Out

Female chefs are underrepresented in the Michelin guide, writes the New York Times. This year, the famous red guide awarded new stars to 57 French restaurants, only two of which have female chefs. The newspaper observes that the Michelin guide has "collided with the #MeToo moment." The are only 16 female chefs among the 621 Michelin-starred restaurants in France, and...

Marlène Schiappa, the Modern French Women
The New Yorker

The letter Catherine Deneuve cosigned last January criticizing the #MeToo movement is "dangerous," said Marlène Schiappa. The 35-year old French Secretary of State in charge of Equality between Women and Men is the antithesis of the actress. Marlène Schiappa, writes the New Yorker, represents the modern French woman. She is a mother (she has two young daughters), an ambitious entrepreneur...

“America is a Male World”

The op-ed piece criticizing the #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc movements co-signed by French actress Catherine Deneuve has transformed the debate on sexual harassment into a Franco-American quarrel. One conclusion of the stance taken by the actress and some 100 other French figures from the worlds of academia, publishing, and media was that the Americans are supposedly seeking to impose a "puritanical...[Subscriber]

Harassment or Seduction: A Franco-American Debate

The debate on sexual harassment is raging once again in France. Rekindled by an op-ed piece published in Le Monde and signed by some 100 intellectuals, actresses, and publishers, the dispute has highlighted a lack of understanding between French and American women. In an open letter published on January 8, 2018, around 100 French women condemned the #MeToo and #BalanceTonPorc...

Some French Women Condemn the #MeToo Movement

Actress Catherine Deneuve and some 100 other French women have criticized the #MeToo and #ExposeYourPig movements in the name of men’s "freedom to pester" which they claim is essential to "sexual freedom" — a stance that has sparked debate. "Rape is a crime. But insistent or clumsy flirting is not an offense, nor is gallantry a macho attack." On Tuesday,...

Is the French Language Sexist?
Foreign Policy

When it comes to gender in the French language, “the masculine always outweighs the feminine.” For example, if four female basketball players (joueuses) were joined by a male player, the group would become five joueurs. Does this mean the French language contributes to gender inequality? It does according to 314 French intellectuals, who signed a manifesto questioning this grammatical gender...

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“The Weinstein Scandal Has Broken the Silence in France and the U.S.”

From Clarence Thomas to Harvey Weinstein and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the stance on sexual harassment has developed alongside the different scandals and resulting judicial responses. Abigail Saguy is a professor of sociology and gender studies at the University of California (UCLA), and offers her analysis of the new place occupied by sexual harassment in public debate. France-Amerique: In the United States,...

Comparing Gender Equality in France and the U.S.

Wellesley College, one of 52 women’s colleges in the United States, will host a French-American symposium on gender equality on October 20-21. Bringing together 78 scholars, policymakers, activists and thinkers including the civil rights leader Angela Davis and the former French Ministers Christiane Taubira and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, the conference will explore the different ideas and approaches to gender equality in...

From DSK to Weinstein, Progress in the Fight for Women’s Rights

The Weinstein scandal has sparked a storm of reactions in both France and the United States, but the DSK scandal six years ago received a far more lukewarm response. Is French society more hypocritical or more tolerant than American society when it comes to sexual predators? When it was revealed in 2011 — by the Americans — that Dominique Strauss-Khan...[Subscriber]

Politically Correct Restrooms

Scarred by the memory of slavery, the United States is attacking all forms of discrimination... including in restrooms! Americans maintain an open relationship with the body and its functions that we in Europe do not have: We prefer discretion and they, exhibition. During my first visit to the United States in 1962, when Greyhound buses allowed me to crisscross the...