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Covid-19: A Tense Return to School for Florida Students

As Florida deals with another spike in infections – an average of 2,679 new cases of Covid-19 registered daily – the French-American School of Tampa Bay has started its third academic year. This return to the classrooms has been stressful for both teachers and parents, but a necessary step for the students. The forty students at the French-American School of...

Adrien de Chaisemartin: “The Covid Vaccine Must Be a Global Public Good”

Adrien de Chaisemartin was a Young Leader with the French-American Foundation in 2016 and is currently the director of strategy, funding, and performance at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. This public-private partnership, launched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, strives to increase access to vaccines in poor countries and has helped save more than seven million lives since...

Chargeurs: From Haute Couture to Protective Face Masks

Last March, Chargeurs was still producing technical fabrics for Chanel, Balmain, and Yves Saint Laurent. The French group, also established in the United States, is now making some 15 million protective masks every week — an unprecedented initiative in the group’s long history. Founded in 1872, Chargeurs has adapted its factories in Picardy and Alsace to meet the demand for...

Covid-19: An Association for Helping French Seniors in New York

The Association d’Aide aux Seniors Face au Coronavirus was founded in April to contact and offer assistance to elderly French people living in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. After the initial astonishment, the voice at the end of the line is cheerful. “You sound just like my nephew; I thought it was him!” Our call surprised...

“France and the U.S. Are Equally Flawed in Their Approach to the Coronavirus”

Robert Sebbag is a doctor working with the infectious and tropical diseases department of the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in Paris, and has devoted his career to fighting pandemics such as SARS, Ebola, and now the coronavirus. He has also worked with the French-American humanitarian aid organization Action Against Hunger, the International Red Cross, and French pharmaceutical laboratory Sanofi. He believes that...

Your Money or Your Life: The Coronavirus Dilemma

Must we save lives by confining citizens and thus bring the economy to a halt (the French stance), or would it be better to restart the economy at the risk of prolonging and aggravating the pandemic (Donald Trump’s approach)? Both, writes Guy Sorman. Here we are, all on the same level, all nations and social classes alike, exposed to the...

Marseille Soap: A Natural Product Against the Virus

Experts have been telling us to wash our hands as often as possible since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Faced with shortages of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, more and more people are turning to traditional, natural soap from Marseille. Marseille soap, or savon de Marseille, is presented as a pale-green, brownish or white 400-gram cube or bar bearing the stamp...

The Virus of Deglobalization

The Covid-19 pandemic will transform the economic map of the world, writes Guy Sorman. "We will see a reindustrialization of the West, a retreat by China, and a certain degree of economic deglobalization." History may not repeat itself, but it sometimes stutters. Exactly nine years ago, a tsunami in Japan destroyed Fukushima’s nuclear plant and disabled the core of Japanese...

Coronavirus: The French Banned from Entering the United States

Donald Trump made a shock announcement yesterday evening, declaring that Europeans would be forbidden from travelling to the U.S. from Friday, March 13, due to the corona virus pandemic. The French are now preparing for an organizational nightmare and are worried about the economic consequences, particularly in the tourism sector. This measure applies to anyone who has been to the...