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Marseille Soap: A Natural Product Against the Virus

Experts have been telling us to wash our hands as often as possible since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. Faced with shortages of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, more and more people are turning to traditional, natural soap from Marseille. Marseille soap, or savon de Marseille, is presented as a pale-green, brownish or white 400-gram cube or bar bearing the stamp...

The Virus of Deglobalization

The Covid-19 pandemic will transform the economic map of the world, writes Guy Sorman. "We will see a reindustrialization of the West, a retreat by China, and a certain degree of economic deglobalization." History may not repeat itself, but it sometimes stutters. Exactly nine years ago, a tsunami in Japan destroyed Fukushima’s nuclear plant and disabled the core of Japanese...

Coronavirus: The French Banned from Entering the United States

Donald Trump made a shock announcement yesterday evening, declaring that Europeans would be forbidden from travelling to the U.S. from Friday, March 13, due to the corona virus pandemic. The French are now preparing for an organizational nightmare and are worried about the economic consequences, particularly in the tourism sector. This measure applies to anyone who has been to the...

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Five Tips for Eating Healthier in the United States

How do you read the labels on American food products? And which labels should you trust? Following the recent publication of her book Bien manger aux Etats-Unis, Kansas-based pharmacist and French expat Isabelle Guglielmi offers her advice on how to improve our diets while consuming U.S. products. France-Amérique: What is the number-one rule for improving diet in the United States?...

The Pill: An American Invention Popular with the French

Developed in the United States in 1956, the birth control pill has since spread to the rest of the world. Today it is the third most used form of contraception, but its biggest success has been in France. With names such as Liloo, Diane 35, and Jasminelle, the pill is a daily routine for one in two French women who...

Medical Marijuana: Can France Learn From the American Model?

The French Health Minister has announced that France is lagging behind the United States and that medical marijuana could soon be legalized in France. Journalist Michel Henry, author of Drogues, pourquoi la légalisation est inévitable sees it as a necessary change. France-Amérique: You wrote in 2011 that “legalization is inevitable.” How did you reach this conclusion? Michel Henry: Neither prohibition...

Illustrator Portrays Maternity in France and the United States

French feminist artist Emma has made a name for herself with biting illustrations about gender equality and raising children. In her latest work, she compares maternity care in France and the United States. Emma — her pseudonym — has been invited to take part in a series of articles for The Guardian focused on the American system’s shortcomings in terms of...