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The Resilience of American Democracy

Have we reached the end of American democracy? The anxiety expressed on the occasion of the November elections strikes me as excessive, writes Guy Sorman. That feelings run high in election season is not surprising and hardly new in the history of the United States. Without going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, whose election provoked secession, we should...

A Quiet Relief

The French are relieved — even delighted — by Donald Trump’s departure. But will Joe Biden’s election herald the return of amicable French-American relations? The 45th president of the United States certainly had a few supporters in France, but mainly in a small number of nationalist political spheres and the odd fanciful intellectual who saw populism as an alternative ideology....

A Divisive Election

The November election will be the most racially focused of any in the history of the United States since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, writes Guy Sorman. It will not lead to an openly declared civil war, but we can expect a latent one. Racism is the implicit yet central stake in the upcoming American presidential elections. This is...