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A Tool to Protect the French Language in Quebec

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF) has been fighting to maintain French as the "normal and usual language" in the province of Quebec since 1961. The organization strives to keep out English words and annually updates a dictionary containing three million French terms. France-Amérique talked with the OQLF spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Le Blanc, to find out more. France-Amérique: What...

Once Again, the French Are Colonizing Quebec

French expats in Montreal are having trouble fitting in. Though the Canadian city has long treasured its shared bond and culture with the French motherland across the Atlantic, they are not so respectful of the recent influx of immigrants that have been pouring through their borders. The Atlantic's CityLab website reports that many Montreal residents have been expressing disapproval at...

Montreal Celebrates its 375th Anniversary!

Joyeux anniversaire, Montreal! The Quebecer city was founded 375 years ago, and is celebrating by pulling out all the stops to offer its residents a panoply of cultural events. On May 17, 1642, a group of priests, nuns, and French settlers founded the village of Ville-Marie on an island in the Saint Lawrence River. The village took the name of...