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France on Broadway: Sex, Romance, and Barricades

There are now countless musicals inspired by France, including The French Maid, the show to watch in 1897, Les Miz, Amélie, and Moulin Rouge!, which opens on Broadway on July 25. Is this frenzy homage or caricature? Even the critics are out on this one, as France has inspired both Broadway’s greatest successes and its biggest flops. Broadway adapted the English comedy The...

Claude Monet on Broadway

A musical about the life of the French impressionist painter is currently in production. An extract was presented in New York on February 5, 2018, and the show is set to preview this fall. Claude Monet was 60 in 1901. The pioneer of Impressionism was living in Giverny, in the Eure département, where he continued his series of paintings of...