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Covid-19: An Association for Helping French Seniors in New York

The Association d’Aide aux Seniors Face au Coronavirus was founded in April to contact and offer assistance to elderly French people living in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. After the initial astonishment, the voice at the end of the line is cheerful. “You sound just like my nephew; I thought it was him!” Our call surprised...

Sign Washed Away by Hurricane Sandy Found in France

A new kind of message in a bottle was recently discovered in Southwestern France: a real estate sign that was posted on a house in Brielle, New Jersey and washed away by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The New Jersey-based agency Diane Turton, Realtors is now proud to be a "truly global" company. One of its signs, which was posted on...

Adore Me: The French Lingerie e-Boutique to Open Stores

The online lingerie boutique, Adore Me, founded by a French entrepreneur, has announced it will be opening "between 200 and 300 stores" in the United States over the next five years. The first store in New York is set to be inaugurated in May. "How can such a tiny piece of clothing cost so much?" His first visit to a...

A Missing Rodin Sculpture Surfaces in New Jersey

The town of Madison, New Jersey (pop. 16,000) has been the home of a missing Rodin sculpture for 80 years without realizing it. The multi-million dollar bust of Napoleon had been sitting inconspicuously in the borough’s council meeting room when 22-year old Mallory Mortillaro, who has an undergraduate student in art history, saw a faint signature at the bottom of...

The New Generation of French Theater Comes to Princeton

The French theater festival at Princeton University, Seuls en Scène, brings celebrated French performers and actors in the making to the New Jersey campus. Started by a French theater professor as a way of engaging his students, the festival has expanded to become a showcase of contemporary French theater in the United States. Florent Masse was directing plays in France...

What do Americans Know About Bastille Day?

Inspired by President Trump’s visit to Paris, Fox News went to the Jersey Shore and asked beach-goers questions about Bastille Day and French culture. The answers are, hum, interesting. Watch the video below to hear the answer to questions like "Who was Napoleon?", "What is your favorite French food?", and "Trump is in France commemorating the 100th anniversary of which war?"...

The U.S. Residencies Drawing French Artists

American residencies funded by private foundations are giving French and other international artists a chance to devote themselves fully to their artistic projects. Thanks to the foundation headed up by art collector Eileen Kaminsky, French artist Laurence de Valmy, 43, was given a studio to work in for three months at the Mana Contemporary cultural center. The artistic organization founded...

A Century of American Art Inspired by Matisse

Ever since his first exhibition in the United States in the early 1900s, Matisse has continued to inspire artists across America. Until June 18, the Montclair Art Museum (New Jersey) is presenting an exhibition highlighting Matisse’s lasting impact on American modern art. France-Amérique had a chat with Chief Curator Gail Stavitsky to discuss the French painter’s far-reaching influence on American...