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Sailing Along the Waterways of France

[Partner article] The Strasbourg-based CroisiEurope boat company is a pioneer in river cruises and has been sailing along the waterways of France for more than 40 years. Its diverse offering includes exclusive destinations and unique experiences and is designed to delight both newcomers and connoisseurs. The M.S. Renoir is anchored just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower on the...

You Are Where You Eat

Looking for her roots in Normandy, an American writer fell in love with pungent cheese and discovered the importance of terroir in French culture and gastronomy. The sky of Normandy is so blue that painters whose work hangs in the Musée d’Orsay had to find new pigment to paint it — so a guide told me. The sun that shines...

Flying Free: U.S. Pilots Saved by the Normans

American fighter planes and bombers supported the Allies in the Battle of Normandy from June through August 1944. During the war, some 2,700 pilots were forced to execute an emergency landing. Local inhabitants came to their rescue, and the soldiers were instructed to blend in with the French until the country was liberated. One such aviator, Major McLeod, went on...

Monsanto vs. Dewayne Johnson: Victory for the Weeds

An American gardener has just won a lawsuit against Monsanto, whom he accused of causing his cancer. But the moral of the story is not so straightforward. The world’s ecologists are popping the champagne. After a month-long trial, San Francisco gardener Dewayne Johnson has been awarded compensation of 289 million dollars from Monsanto. Johnson initially asked for 400 million dollars...[Subscriber]

Liberty, Equality, Camembert!

Is this the end of French Camembert? Starting in 2021, the "Camembert de Normandie" Protected Designation of Origin label, which guarantees a locally-made, raw milk cheese, will become available to cheeses made using pasteurized milk. The decision has concerned and enraged local producers, who have called for a boycott of Camembert if the change takes effect. “Soon enough," writes the...

A Monument in Honor of the Native American Soldiers of D-Day

A memorial stone was inaugurated in Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer in the Calvados département on June 5, 2017, to honor the Native American soldiers who died during the Normandy Landings on Omaha Beach in 1944. A chapter of history that deserves to be remembered. Almost 25,000 Native American soldiers fought in World War II. History (and Hollywood) have remembered the role played by Navajo...