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We’ll Always Have Notre-Dame de Paris

No one could have predicted the global swell of emotion inspired by the fire in the Paris cathedral, a year ago today. The French are generally so divided and there are few regular churchgoers. And yet they suddenly found themselves united in collective mourning. Condolences flooded in from all over the world as if every French person had lost a...

Notre-Dame de Paris: Eight Centuries of History

From the birth of the project to the finishing touches, the documentary Notre-Dame de Paris, The Secrets of the Builders looks back at the life of this architectural gem on Ile de la Cité in Paris, using animated images in a blend of historical facts and fictional anecdotes. We talked with director Emmanuel Blanchard to find out more. France-Amérique: You condensed...

Behind the Scenes: The Notre-Dame Reconstruction

Legendary show Des Racines et des Ailes first launched in 1997. This March on TV5 Monde USA, audiences will be going behind the scenes of the Notre-Dame cathedral reconstruction and discovering the hidden treasures of the French Riviera. We talked with the show's host, Carole Gaessler, to find out more. France-Amérique: Des Racines et des Ailes was one of the...

The River That Saved Notre-Dame

In a powerful afterword to her latest book, The Seine: The River that Made Paris, written for the November issue of France-Amérique, New York Times writer Elaine Sciolino recounts the dramatic story of how water from the depths of the Seine saved Notre-Dame from destruction during the devastating fire in April 2019. On April 15, 2019, the night of the great Notre-Dame fire, crowds...

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Notre-Dame de Paris: Donate to Rebuild the Cathedral

Notre-Dame de Paris, a jewel of Gothic architecture from the 12th century and a symbol of French civilization, was ravaged by a fire on Monday evening. The cathedral’s two towers have survived, but two thirds of the roof, including the spire, have been destroyed. The tragedy sparked a wave of solidarity all over the world. France-Amérique and Chargeurs are contributing to the...