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Cézanne’s Portraits Get a Show of their Own

Paul Cézanne is not usually thought of as a portrait painter, but while portraiture was a limited by-product of his total output, it was still an integral aspect of his work. Cézanne's portraits will be the subject of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art through July 1. The son of a banker who gave him an allowance, Cézanne never...[Subscriber]

“Zola Was a Humanist, Cézanne Was Hypersensitive”

Filmmaker, screenwriter and director Danièle Thompson is a leading figure of French cinema. We met with her as part of the release of her movie Cézanne and I in the United States on March 31. The film follows the turbulent friendship and rivalry between painter Paul Cézanne (played by Comédie Française actor Guillaume Gallienne) and writer Emile Zola (Guillaume Canet), who were both from Aix-en-Provence...