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“Gauguin”: Voyage to Tahiti

French director Edouard Deluc devotes his latest movie to the Fauvist painter and his exile in Tahiti, in U.S. theaters from July 11. After Cézanne and I by Danièle Thompson last year and the recently released Rodin by Jacques Doillon, a third biographical movie has now arrived in theaters. This time the subject is Gauguin, another leading, 19th-century French artist...

Gauguin, Off the Beaten Track

Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) gave us the Pont-Aven School master paintings, mystical canvases of a yellow Christ in a style almost imitating fauvism, and the long, lithe bodies of Polynesian women languishing on the beaches in Tahiti. A far cry from this post-card paradise, this beautiful new graphic novel follows the last two years of the artist’s life, from his arrival...[Subscriber]