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Should France Arm its Municipal Police Officers?

Two French representatives recommend to follow the American model and arm municipal police officers in France. Only 44% of the 21,000 officers in this local police force currently carry a pistol while on duty. Between October 2013 and March 2018, there were 78 attempted acts of terrorism recorded in France. This figure “affects the way national security is approached,” according to...

Urban Revolts, from Detroit to Clichy-sous-Bois

Caroline Rolland-Diamond is a historian at Nanterre University near Paris, and is specialized in American social movements. She is currently drawing parallels between the Detroit riots of 1967 (whose 50th anniversary will be commemorated this summer) and civil disturbance in the French suburbs. On July 24, she will be taking part in a conference held at Wayne State University in...

We Need to Talk About Racial Violence

France and the United States are unfortunate contenders when it comes to urban violence. The clashes between the police and young people from minority groups — Afro-American and Hispanic in the U.S.A., and Arab and African in France — are following the same pattern in both countries, but their respective government’s attitudes differ. The environment for this violence — the banlieues in France...