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Stop the massacre!

The recent massacre in Las Vegas is incomprehensible from a French point of view. How is it possible for a citizen to amass such an arsenal of weaponry? It’s high time that the U.S. Congress acts. There is a direct link between the number of firearms in circulation in a country and the number of people killed by these weapons,...

The Ultra-White President Trump

Many celebrated the election of Donald Trump last November as the “revenge of the white man.” This vengeful sentiment continues today, and is more toxic than ever. A certain category of Americans never truly accepted Barack Obama’s presidential victory, nor the current changes that have been shaping U.S. society since the 1960s. Feminism, ethnic diversity, priority for minorities in universities...

First Ladies v. Premières Dames

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign promise to make official the position of a ‘First Lady’ has backfired. Macron wanted to increase transparency in government by creating an official title and position for his wife, Brigitte, but when proposals began circulating to put this plan in place, they were quickly halted by public resistance to the idea and Macron’s falling popularity. French artist...

Remembering the “Freedom Fries” Episode in Washington

Nathalie Loiseau, former director of the French administration school and Minister of European Affairs in the recently-formed Macron government, spent five years in the United States working as the spokesperson for the French Embassy in Washington D.C. It was a trying time for relations between France and America. From 2002 to 2007, when American officials in Washington needed a French...

France Discovers Vetting

Both the French and American presidents have the power to appoint people of their choosing to thousands of public sector positions, starting with their cabinet. The difference in France, however, is that no vetting of their background is required. Presidential nominations are not subject to any checks in France, whereas the equivalent appointments in the United States are generally preceded by...

French Legislative Election: The Results of the Second Round in North America

The 200,179 French voters registered in the U.S. and in Canada have spoken. With some 79.73% of the total votes, Roland Lescure (La République en marche) has won the second round of the French legislative election. As a "député" elected at the "Assemblée nationale," he will represent French citizens residing in North America for the next five years. The North-American Results...

Macron as an Enlightened Despot

According to early estimates, the République en Marche ! party headed by President Emmanuel Macron is set to control more than 70% of the National Assembly. A rare case of political domination in French history. Macronism is a representation of a French passion: Enlightened despotism, that of Bonaparte and De Gaulle, the quest for a Savior. Its origins are ancient, with Voltaire immediately springing...

The Wall Street Journal
Has France Found Its Ronald Reagan?

American conservative political commentator Walter Russell Mead compares Emmanuel Macron's victory to Ronald Reagan's election in 1980. Read more in The Wall Street Journal or on the Hudson Institute's website.

Beware of King Macron

Emmanuel Macron's movement won by a landslide the first round of the French legislative election, held in North America last weekend. There is a real danger the domination of the En Marche ! movement will change the nature of the Republic. Macron’s candidate Roland Lescure came away with 57.53% of the votes in the United States and Canada, putting him 43 points...

French Legislative Election: The Results of the First Round in North America

The 200,205 French voters registered in the U.S. and in Canada have spoken. With 58.03% of the total votes, Roland Lescure (La République en marche) has won the first round of the French legislative election. He will face the outgoing representative Frédéric Lefebvre (Les Républicains) in the second round, on June 17th. The North-American Results Roland Lescure (La République en marche): 57.53% Frédéric Lefebvre (Les Républicains): 14.53% Clémentine Langlois (La...

The Handshake

A striking image will remain etched in the public mind after the first meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump: That of their interminable handshake. Far from assuming its usual salutary function, the gesture was nothing short of a declaration of independence. Macron had clearly observed Trump’s manners and behavior. Particularly with regard to his vigorous handshake, in which the...

French Presidential Elections Under American Influence

Sponsored Content: Our American friends often ask if Donald Trump’s election has any repercussions for the French Presidential election. We are inclined to say no, because the elections in each country are mainly internal matters, little influenced by what is going on outside.  Still, the question is a bit more complicated, because we are seeing a slow and gradual increase...

Trump: A User’s Guide

The whole world is pondering how Donald Trump works. His unwaveringly enthusiastic supporters feel he is staying true to his program, which in itself is quite original; faced with post-campaign reality, leaders tend to water down their previous promises and aim for a consensus. We should therefore expect Trump to stay in campaign mode, instead of trying to build bridges...

The Obsolete Distinction Between Right and Left

While following the American and French presidential elections, it is hard to use the right-wing/left-wing distinction as a framework. The European-style division between classic liberals and socialists does not work in the United States, as socialism is not represented and all candidates support a more-or-less regulated form of capitalism. Perhaps instead we should adopt a new form of political mapping,...[Subscriber]

On Nov. 8, an American Vote for the French President

The French have two presidents, the one they elect and another they do not, but who weighs heavily on their fate: the president of the United States. France’s military security, as well as that of the rest of Europe, depends on NATO, but this military alliance of collective protection is worth nothing without the American commitment. An American officer leads...[Subscriber]