Tag: Populism

France’s Question: an Open or a Closed Society?

On May 6 and 7, the French will decide between a populist presidential candidate and her liberal (in the classical, European sense) adversary. As has often been the case in the past, this French debate may announce a new era. It appears that this confrontation between liberalism and populism is taking the place of the left/right cleavage and that a...

Mass Trumpization?

The claim that the United States has become “populist” and that democracy and the constitution are under threat is excessive. As the American political satirist Jon Stewart put it, “We're still the same country." Commentators who often hold the same opinions and who read each other’s work across borders, are all currently condemning the overwhelming rise of “populism.” They are all too quick...[Subscriber]

Democracy and its Discontents

Donald Trump’s foray into American democracy could very well be compared with a computer being hacked; a virus navigating its way through social media on a mission to corrupt the Constitution. But the recent phenomenon of trumpism is not the result of a one-man effort. It is hard to not be astonished by the number of heads of state and...[Subscriber]