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Macron, the Vocabulary of a Generation

By voting en masse for Emmanuel Macron, French people living in the United States chose a politician who is like them: business-minded, dynamic and open to the world. Has Emmanuel Macron been granted a true, popular mandate driven by his personality and his manifesto, or was he elected by default? The answer is probably both. The French presidential election bore a striking resemblance to...

French New Yorkers Toast France’s President-Elect Emmanuel Macron

Champagne flowed amid applause at Cafe Tallulah in the Upper West Side, New York City on Sunday. There, French expats and tourists alike celebrated France’s newly elected president Emmanuel Macron. More than 100 people bunkered in the restaurant's basement lounge for a watch party hosted by En Marche! New York, the local branch of the movement Macron launched in April...

French Election: The Results of the Second Round in North America

The 202,000 French voters registered in the U.S. and in Canada have spoken. With 66.1% of the total votes, Emmanuel Macron has won the second round of the French presidential election and will become the eighth president of the Fifth Republic. He will be in office for the next five years. The U.S. Results Emmanuel Macron: 92.26% Marine Le Pen: 7.74% Participation: 44,35% The Canadian Results Emmanuel...

French New Yorkers Politick and Picnic En Plein Air

Through picnics in Central Park and political meetings, French voters in New York are campaigning for Emmanuel Macron. The clock at Café Tallulah's basement lounge struck 2 p.m. — a strange time for a café party. But the people gathering there on the Upper West Side were eyeing a different clock than most New Yorkers — the one in Paris. Surrounded by French...

The National Front, a French Enigma

How can we define this party? Those who look kindly on it may describe it as patriotic, popular and a supporter of sovereignty. Hostile critics would prefer the terms populist, nationalist and fascist. In fact, it is both. Regardless of the (predictable) result of the French presidential election, we may wonder about what I feel is the most remarkable event of the electoral...

The Demise of the French Party System? Not Just Yet!

The French election's central drama is more a characteristic of the rhetoric of the analysts than of the French polity, writes William Schonfeld, a professor of political science at UC-Irvine. Most commentators on the 2017 French presidential elections have emphasized the dramatic nature of the results. The traditional parties of the left and right have been eliminated on the first...

Who’s Your French President?

Who would you vote for in the final round of the French presidential election? Pretend you’re French and choose wisely! The French presidential election is now down to two candidates: Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron. Considering the unsettling parallels between the recent American election and the current French election, France-Amérique invites its American readers to weigh in. Check in soon for the results! Please note, your...

What if America Voted Like France?

What would the American political landscape look like if the president was not elected by an electoral college, but by a popular vote as it is the case in France? Read more in Politico.  

France’s Question: an Open or a Closed Society?

On May 6 and 7, the French will decide between a populist presidential candidate and her liberal (in the classical, European sense) adversary. As has often been the case in the past, this French debate may announce a new era. It appears that this confrontation between liberalism and populism is taking the place of the left/right cleavage and that a...

“Dramatic” Voting Conditions for the French Presidential Election

In a letter addressed to the French Foreign Affairs and Interior ministers, a U.S. representative for the French community abroad condemned the “dramatic” voting conditions for the first round of the French presidential elections. Frenchman Damien Regnard has been a New Orleans resident since 1996, and was elected to be a delegate of the Assemblée des Français de l’étranger in 2009....

Dear France

Dear France, I get nostalgic when I hear My Way sung by Frank Sinatra, because I remember Claude François singing the same song (which he composed!) as Comme d’Habitude. I usually nudge the person next to me and whisper: “You know, that is a French song.” And when I wander down Lafayette Street I tell people that the French most likely...

A New Political Spectrum

It is no accident that the two finalists in the French presidential election, Macron and Le Pen, do not coincide with the traditional left/right cleavage. This cleavage has become by and large, irrelevant. The French presidential election suggests a new understanding of political reality, one that might be applied, I think, to Western democracies generally: nations continue to be divided...

French Election: The Results of the First Round in North America

The 119,773 French voters registered in the U.S. have spoken. Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will face off in the second round of the presidential elections next Saturday, May 6th. Here are the results of the first round. The U.S. Results Emmanuel Macron: 51.13% François Fillon: 26.14% Jean-Luc Mélenchon: 9.90% Benoît Hamon: 5.44% Marine Le Pen: 5.01% Nicolas Dupont-Aignan:...

Who’s Your Favorite French Candidate?

Who would you vote for in the French presidential election? Pretend you're a French citizen and cast your ballot! Last Sunday, John Oliver appealed to French citizens, urging them to learn from the United States' experience and cast their ballots in what is an incredibly influential election. Considering the parallels between the recent American and French presidential elections, France-Amérique invites its American...

The End of the Party System?

“The system against which most voters are voting is primarily the party system," writes Martin Schain, a professor of politics at New York University. The French presidential election has now become front-page news, even in America preoccupied with Trump tweets. Less than a week from the first round, the closeness of the race, combined with a possible (by no means probable) victory of...

Wealthy Parisians Fear the Communist Candidate

Bloomberg met with disgruntled, privileged Parisians ready to leave France in the event of leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s election. Read more on Bloomberg.

A Real Choice for French Voters

This weekend, the French will be called to elect their next president out of 11 candidates. This French multi-party system is a shock to Americans, who are used to choosing between a Democrat and a Republican. Despite the high number of candidates, the French presidential election offers voters a clear choice. Unlike all previous elections, the dividing line is no longer between...

French Citizens in the United States Rally for the Presidential Elections

Almost 120,000 French people living in the United States have registered to vote on Saturday, April 22, in the first round of the French presidential elections. The French embassy in Washington has called it an “unprecedented” turnout. Three days before the first round of voting, a queue has formed along Fifth Avenue in front of the French consulate in New...

French Presidential Elections Under American Influence

Sponsored Content: Our American friends often ask if Donald Trump’s election has any repercussions for the French Presidential election. We are inclined to say no, because the elections in each country are mainly internal matters, little influenced by what is going on outside.  Still, the question is a bit more complicated, because we are seeing a slow and gradual increase...

Comedian John Oliver Warns French Voters Against Marine Le Pen

British comedian John Oliver went to great lengths on HBO last Sunday to explain the importance of the French election to an American audience. The comedian reminded us that, with Brexit and a wind of nationalism sweeping across the Old Continent, the French election may very well seal the fate of the European Union. “The fate of Europe rests in...

France and the Jews Are Pawns in Marine Le Pen’s Hands

The recent revisionist declarations from Marine Le Pen have utterly destroyed her efforts to straighten out her party’s image. The National Front will never be a regular party. American historian Robert Paxton established the indisputable truth on France in World War II. In Vichy France, published in 1973, Paxton revealed that since October 1940, Marshal Pétain’s government had created a file listing the names and...