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Le Pen, Trump: Same Difference?

Just like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen is nationalist, protectionist, somewhat authoritarian and staunchly anti-Islam. But unlike the American president, Marine Le Pen is anti-capitalist. When questioned by a journalist from The Financial Times, Donald Trump admitted that he had never met Marine Le Pen. Clearly France isn’t on the President Trump’s radar. And it’s not for Marine Le Pen’s lack of trying. Remember...

French Election: Where Can You Vote in the United States?

For the upcoming French presidential elections, which will take place on Saturday, April 22 and May 6, forty-four polling stations will be open in the United States. Each person’s polling station depends on their place of residence recorded when they registered at their consulate. The exact polling station was sent to each voter via an email from the French Ministry of...

How Does the French Election Work?

Five weeks before the first round of the French presidential election, the website Bloomberg goes over the specifics of the French electoral system. Read more on Bloomberg.

Money in France and the United States

In the United States, being a billionaire paves the way to the White House. In France, presidential candidates are expected to be poor (or at least appear so). The majority of Trump’s predecessors, with the exception of Clinton, were very wealthy. Their prosperity was, and is, seen as proof of success and a shield against corruption. The opposite is true...

Was Obama a Great President?

Barack Obama prepares to leave the White House after two consecutive term. "His eight years in office, writes Guy Sorman, can be summed up in one success: Obamacare." A great head of state defines their era and shapes events. At least, this is the general definition. Napoleon I is much admired by the French, despised by the rest of Europe, and...

False Friends

The United States and France are both electing new presidents. Aside from the coincidence of calendars and the similarity of terms, is a president in France the equivalent of a president in the United States? The answer is not obvious, as words do not necessarily have the same meaning in both countries. We are familiar with the faux amis (false...[Subscriber]

France Reacts to Donald Trump’s Election Victory

The official result came in around 2am EST on November 9, 2016: Donald J. Trump had been elected 45th President of the United States. The reactions from French politicians and the media were quick to follow. In a speech given live from the Palais de l’Elysée, François Hollande offered cold congratulations to the elected candidate, “as is natural between two...

President Trump, but Nothing More

If the United States are a laboratory for our future, what has the presidential election of November 8 taught us? The distinctions between left and right, and Republican and Democrats, are increasingly blurred. And caught between the two coasts, forgotten by both parties, Middle America is in crisis. The seemingly universal distinction between left and right has broken down. The...[Subscriber]

Hillary Elected With 72.9% of the Votes (in Paris)

The U.S. presidential elections will take place on November 8, but American immigrants and tourists in the bars and diners of Paris have already made their decision. “The Hillary Burger is beating the Trump Wrap”, says Craig Carlson, the owner of the Breakfast in America diners in Paris. Over the last two weeks, customers in the restaurant in the fifth arrondissement...

Democracy and its Discontents

Donald Trump’s foray into American democracy could very well be compared with a computer being hacked; a virus navigating its way through social media on a mission to corrupt the Constitution. But the recent phenomenon of trumpism is not the result of a one-man effort. It is hard to not be astonished by the number of heads of state and...[Subscriber]

Trump, Made in the USA

Which presidential candidate in the United States supposedly described their opponent as “pot-bellied, mutton-headed and cucumber-soled”? It was not Donald Trump, but in fact Zachary Taylor in 1848. Before that, John Quincy Adams accused his adversary Andrew Jackson of being the son of “a common prostitute brought to this country by the British soldiers”, and James K. Polk suspected Henry Clay...[Subscriber]

We Are All Romans

The current presidential campaigns in France and the United States are bizarrely focused on national identity, as if this were the most important issue in play. But not all French people descend from the Gauls, just as not all Americans descend from the Mayflower pilgrims. Among the French candidates, Nicolas Sarkozy is the staunchest proponent of excluding all those who...[Subscriber]

The Most Powerful Man on Earth

The answer to the question “Who is the most powerful man on earth” is generally “The president of the United States”. In two months’ time, it will most probably be Hillary Clinton’s turn to become “the most powerful woman on earth”. Despite the general consensus on this title, the actual award should go to a 61-year-old Harvard graduate and legal...[Subscriber]

The Obsolete Distinction Between Right and Left

While following the American and French presidential elections, it is hard to use the right-wing/left-wing distinction as a framework. The European-style division between classic liberals and socialists does not work in the United States, as socialism is not represented and all candidates support a more-or-less regulated form of capitalism. Perhaps instead we should adopt a new form of political mapping,...[Subscriber]

On Nov. 8, an American Vote for the French President

The French have two presidents, the one they elect and another they do not, but who weighs heavily on their fate: the president of the United States. France’s military security, as well as that of the rest of Europe, depends on NATO, but this military alliance of collective protection is worth nothing without the American commitment. An American officer leads...[Subscriber]