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Four Weeks That Shook American Gastronomy

Fifty years ago in December 1970, the cream of Francophile American gourmets — including Julia Child, author M.F.K. Fisher, and chef James Beard — met in Provence. Their experience and the meals they cooked paradoxically heralded the birth of modern American cuisine. Back in 1970, the United States was governed by a two-speed food system. Supermarkets were gradually crowding out...

French Rosé Finds Fame and Fortune in the U.S.

Sales of rosé wine shot up 53% in the United States last year. The reasons for this record growth can be found in the booming wine culture in North America and the aggressive marketing strategies employed by winegrowers from Southern France. It has to be said that rosé wine has not always had the best reputation. The go-to rosé in...

“Last Chance” to Save James Baldwin’s Provençal Country House

Ten million euros. This is the amount required to purchase and restore African-American writer James Baldwin’s country house, which is currently threatened by a real estate project. Luckily, a “literary activist” in Saint-Paul-de-Vence is refusing to give up. Located halfway between Nice and Antibes, the house where James Baldwin spent the last 17 years of his life has seen better...

The Rosé Revolution

Rosé wine has been rising fast in popularity among wine lovers, carving out a place for itself as an equal to white and red wines. The United States, the second largest rosé drinker next to France, has seen an exponential rise in imports of the drink from its birthplace, the region of Provence. Rosé sales have surpassed white wine in...

Provence in the Mail with Good Morning South

Whether you’re after embroidered bags, tapenade, scented candles or almond-based body care products, Good Morning South delivers Provence to your door. The French website was launched on June 5, 2017, and aims to introduce the American public to the Provence region and the expertise of its artisans. We met with Marseille-born Lucille Pinero, 31, who co-founded the website. France-Amérique: How was this project born?...

What Will Happen to James Baldwin’s House?
The New York Times

The fate of the Provence house where African-American writer James Baldwin spent the last 17 years of his life is once again questioned, as the property is threatened by a luxury real estate development. Read more in The New York Times.