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The French-Canadian Conspiracy to Invade the United States

Between 1840 and 1930, a million French-speaking Canadians crossed the U.S. border, many seeking work in the textile mills of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. This wave of migration scared the United States, argues researcher David Vermette, a Massachusetts native, in his book, A Distinct Alien Race: The Untold Story of Franco‑Americans. Newspapers ran violent articles against French-Canadian...

Lara Fabian: Francophone by Heart, Quebecer by Adoption

With a 30-year career and 20 million albums sold across the world, Lara Fabian is an icon of Francophone music. As part of her 50th birthday celebrations, the Belgian-Canadian artist will be kicking off an international tour with more than 50 dates, beginning in New York on September 16. The tour — christened the “50 World Tour” — follows on...

Yann Castelnot, Remembering Native Veterans

Frenchman Yann Castelnot, a Quebec-based amateur historian, has identified thousands of indigenous soldiers who fought for Canada and the United States since the arrival of the Europeans in the 17th century. In recognition of his archiving work he received the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers from the Province of Quebec and was congratulated by the Canadian Minister of Veterans Affairs. Exactly...

Building Roads Through French-Speaking New England

A tourist route linking French-speaking cities in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will be inaugurated at the end of the summer in 2019. What do Lewiston and Biddeford in Maine, Manchester in New Hampshire, and Woonsocket in Rhode Island all have in common? More than half of the populations of these American cities spoke French just a century...

A Tool to Protect the French Language in Quebec

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF) has been fighting to maintain French as the "normal and usual language" in the province of Quebec since 1961. The organization strives to keep out English words and annually updates a dictionary containing three million French terms. France-Amérique talked with the OQLF spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Le Blanc, to find out more. France-Amérique: What...

Once Again, the French Are Colonizing Quebec

French expats in Montreal are having trouble fitting in. Though the Canadian city has long treasured its shared bond and culture with the French motherland across the Atlantic, they are not so respectful of the recent influx of immigrants that have been pouring through their borders. The Atlantic's CityLab website reports that many Montreal residents have been expressing disapproval at...

Focus on French Cinema: A Tribute to Quebec

This year’s Focus on French Cinema festival will be screening 20 Francophone films — including six from Quebec — in New York, Stamford and Greenwich (Connecticut) from March 27 to April 2, 2017. Festival president Renée Ketcham talked us through this year’s selection. France-Amérique: Can you tell us about your decision to showcase Quebecer cinema this year? Renée Ketcham: Focus on French Cinema is...

The Quebec City Gunman Supported Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen

A year ago, Alexandre Bissonnette wasn't interested in politics. The gunman, who killed six people at a Quebec mosque on Sunday night, seems to have started becoming radicalized as recently as last March. According to several of his classmates at the University of Laval, the 27 year-old student's first racist and xenophobic posts on social media coincided with the visit...