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French Legislative Election: The Results of the Second Round in North America

The 200,179 French voters registered in the U.S. and in Canada have spoken. With some 79.73% of the total votes, Roland Lescure (La République en marche) has won the second round of the French legislative election. As a "député" elected at the "Assemblée nationale," he will represent French citizens residing in North America for the next five years. The North-American Results...

Beware of King Macron

Emmanuel Macron's movement won by a landslide the first round of the French legislative election, held in North America last weekend. There is a real danger the domination of the En Marche ! movement will change the nature of the Republic. Macron’s candidate Roland Lescure came away with 57.53% of the votes in the United States and Canada, putting him 43 points...

The Symbol of the French Legislative Elections

June 2017 will see each of the 577 French legislative constituencies choose a deputy (equivalent to a member of Congress) to represent them at the National Assembly for the next five years. French people living in North America will elect their representative from 17 candidates on June 3 and 17. We can predict with some certainty which two main candidates...