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Spanish Rosé Marked as French Sparks Scandal in Europe

Ten million bottles of Spanish rosé were sold as French wine over the last three years, reported an official investigation quoted by Le Parisien this Monday. “Rosé amateurs beware,” notified the French daily. “You can face a nasty surprise at happy hour.” The DGCCRF, the French agency in charge of fraud control which led the investigation in 2016-2017, claimed that...

Discover our Selection of French and American Rosés

As a third of all bottles of rosé sold in the United States are produced on American soil, some domestic rosés now offer the same quality as imported, French wines. Keith Mabry, Rhone and Loire Valley Buyer for the K&L wine stores in California, presents his selection of must-try French and American rosés. * Casa Smith, ViNO Rosé, Washington ($11.99)...

French Rosé Finds Fame and Fortune in the U.S.

Sales of rosé wine shot up 53% in the United States last year. The reasons for this record growth can be found in the booming wine culture in North America and the aggressive marketing strategies employed by winegrowers from Southern France. It has to be said that rosé wine has not always had the best reputation. The go-to rosé in...

The Rosé Revolution

Rosé wine has been rising fast in popularity among wine lovers, carving out a place for itself as an equal to white and red wines. The United States, the second largest rosé drinker next to France, has seen an exponential rise in imports of the drink from its birthplace, the region of Provence. Rosé sales have surpassed white wine in...

“Rosé Is the Champagne of American Millenials”

While seen as old-fashioned in France, rosé wine is blossoming in the United States. Pierrick Bouquet spotted an opportunity in the wine’s growing success, and founded two popular events: La Nuit en Rosé, from May 18 until 20, and Pinknic, from June 24 until 25. The 34-year-old Parisian explains how rosé has become the "champagne of the millennials." France-Amérique: How...