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The French Soccer Federation Opens a School in New York

The French Football Federation inaugurated the French Football Academy in New York this summer, the first school of its kind outside France. Its goal is to take advantage of young people’s enthusiasm for soccer while exporting the French coaches’ know-how and training methods to the United States. Did you know that soccer is the second most popular sport among young...

Riding Zone, the Extreme Sports Show

From paragliding and surfing to skateboarding, skiing, and rock climbing, nothing is too extreme for Riding Zone. Broadcast every week on TV5MONDE (and France Ô), this 26-minute show is the French gold standard for big thrills and board sports. Interview with Tiga, the host of the show. France-Amérique: Over the last 12 years, Riding Zone has forged a reputation as the leading...

The Ups and Downs of the Tour de France

Sporting prowess, heroic riders, and big business: Despite doping rumors, the Tour de France, which will be held this year from July 6 through 28, remains a major spectacle enjoyed worldwide. The Tour de France is a paradox. Created in France in 1903, it has long embodied an authentically French competition in its portrayal of a country, a culture, rural...

Simon Pagenaud: History of a French Come-Back at Indianapolis

Simon Pagenaud won the Indianapolis 500, the most renowned car race in the United States, on Sunday May 26. He is the first French driver to claim victory for over a century. The last time a French driver was at the top of the podium in Indianapolis, World War I had not yet begun and protective gear consisted of a...

France Behind the Rise of Rugby in the United States

The United States, the land of football, may well be hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2031. This ambition is a reflection of the boom in Major League Rugby, a U.S. rugby union competition, which has largely been made possible by French players, coaches, and managers. Between late April and early May, two French players announced they were being transferred...

“In the Realm of Perfection”: McEnroe From all Angles

In his latest documentary, out in U.S. theaters on August 22, French filmmaker Julien Faraut takes a close look at American superstar John McEnroe, a tennis player who became a case study on perfectionism in sports. Julien Faraut is the director of several documentaries blending sports and cinema, and exhumed 600 meters of “instructional” film reel designed to teach tennis technique...

Why Are There Less and Less U.S. Riders on the Tour?

Out of 176 riders, only 5 Americans were on the starting line of the Tour de France this year. The U.K., Poland, and Denmark each had as many riders. By comparison, Belgium had 19 riders and France 35. The United States never really recovered from the Lance Armstrong scandal, writes New York Times reporter Ian Austen. On the Tour, his name is...

Will France’s Soccer Victory Help the Banlieues?

New York Times op-ed writer Antony J. Blinken hopes that the victory of multicolored France in the World Cup final will positively influence Macron’s plan for the banlieues. A third of the members of this year’s world championship team, he reminds us, were born in these neglected, underprivileged urban areas outside Paris. “It’s time for the Macron government to bring long-awaited...

World Cup: Ambassador Araud Answers Trevor Noah

"Africa won the World Cup!" exclaimed Trevor Noah, the host of the satirical nightly news series, The Daily Show, on Tuesday. The joke shocked the French Ambassador, Gerard Araud, who responded to the comedian in a letter. "A great majority of the players (all but two out of 23) were born in France", wrote the Ambassador. "They were educated in...

A Victory for Multicolored France

I did not let out a cry at every goal in front of my television. However, France’s soccer World Cup victory offers fascinating observations from social, political, and cultural points of view. I have to admit I am far from passionate about soccer. I barely know the rules, and even in the schoolyard I would sullenly refuse to play. However,...[Subscriber]

Iconic: The Vuarnet Sunglasses

Originally destined for high-altitude resorts and adopted by city-dwelling fashionistas and celebrities, the French brand will open on July 14 its first U.S. boutique in the SoHo neighborhood of New York. Take a look back on this French success story. In the late 1950s, French optician Roger Pouilloux teamed up with the skiing superstar of the day, Jean Vuarnet, to...

Le Tour: An Epic Ride Across Rural France

Part sporting epic, part media extravaganza, part assertion of national identity, the Tour de France cycle race will depart from Noirmoutier-en-l'île in the Vendée region on Saturday, July 7. What makes this barnstorming annual event so compelling? Held every July, the Tour de France — literally "tour of France" — is an epic, 2,200-mile cycle race lasting 23 days. It is...

From New York to Paris… by Car!

As part of the 110th anniversary of the legendary New York-Paris automobile race, six vintage vehicles will be leaving Rhinebeck, New York on June 20. The first stop is in Oakland, California, before they make their way to France! The roaring of the eight-cylinder engine drowns out any conversation at the start of the phone interview. On the other end of...

Map: Where to Follow the 2018 World Cup in the U.S.

The 2018 World Cup, an international soccer tournament, will take place in Russia from June 14 through July 15. To follow the event in San Francisco or in Puerto Rico, in Brooklyn or in Houston, France-Amérique put together a map of bars, cafés, and restaurants showing the games in the United States. Of course, this list is far from being exhaustive....

A Documentary on the French Giant of American Wrestling

Frenchman André René Roussimoff was worshipped in the United States as the greatest wrestler in living memory. He passed away in 1993, and remains a figure shrouded in mystery. In an HBO documentary beginning on April 10, American director Jason Hehir offers an intimate portrayal of the man everyone knew as "André the Giant." Twenty-five years following his death, André...

Zinedine Zidane Zizou PSG Real Madrid ESPN
Zidane, a “Unifying Figure” in a Divided France

On March 6, the Paris Saint-Germain soccer club lost to Madrid (1 to 3). However, French supporters rejoiced. They celebrated the return of their favorite athlete, French soccer superstar and Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, who has been living in Spain since 2000. An unknown player until the 1998 World Cup, where he scored two goals that ultimately allowed France...

The World’s Best Soccer Players Live Outside Paris

To scout new members, soccer clubs took to exploring the Ile-de-France région, the area surrounding Paris which has become the world's top talent pool for professional soccer players. The area alone has provided a third of the French national team and more talent than Asia, Africa and North America combined. On rudimentary sports complexes ringed by dingy apartment blocks, children...

The 2024 Olympics, a Godsend for the Paris Banlieues?

Paris will host the 2024 summer Olympic Games. The head of the International Olympic Committee sees the event as "a win-win situation" and Emmanuel Macron has called it a "victory." But how will France benefit from hosting the Games? The 1900 Olympics resulted in the construction of several famous Parisian monuments such as the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais....

Who Actually Wants the Olympics?

It’s decided: Paris will host the 2024 Olympic Games. But this adventure is borne more by politics than sport, and we could be forgiven for asking if it is really necessary. And just how much will this mass entertainment cost the taxpayer? Paris has beaten Los Angeles in the race to host the 2024 Olympic Games. But where are the...

Female Boxer Anissa Meksen Comes Out Swinging

French boxer Anissa Meksen will be celebrating Bastille Day in New York. Weighing in at 53 kilos (117 pounds), the athlete will be taking part in a gala match in Madison Square Garden this Friday. The event marks the first American fight in her professional boxing career. Anissa Meksen exudes determination and self-confidence, even as she answers our questions on...

Soccer Goes to the Movies at Kicking + Screening in New York

The Kicking + Screening festival will be back to celebrate the beautiful game on the big screen from June 6 until 9, 2017, with four international films including a French entry. The festival’s American founder, Rachel Markus, explains how she managed to combine soccer and cinema. France-Amérique: How was the Kicking + Screening festival born? Rachel Markus: I traveled a lot as part...