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Emmanuel Macron Dreams of Unicorns

Ambitious French president Emmanuel Macron wants to see a fivefold increase in the number of billion-dollar start-ups, or “unicorns,” in France over the next few years. His goal is to replicate the American model. Emmanuel Macron has a dream. He wants unicorns to flourish in France, and hopes that their number will rise from five to twenty, or even twenty-five,...

The French Engineer Who De-Aged Robert De Niro

French engineer Stéphane Grabli and his team will be in the running for the Oscar for Best Visual Effects on Sunday for their work on the movie The Irishman. The latest film from Martin Scorsese, produced by Netflix, is a narrative rollercoaster. Via ellipses, flashbacks, and flashforwards, audiences meet gangster Frank Sheeran at different times in his life. But when...

Qwant, France’s Answer to Google

Supported by banks and venture capital, the underdog French search engine dreams of upsetting the Google status quo. Could David one day fire a shot at Goliath, or even get his attention? French search engine Qwant, designed in 2013 to respect the privacy of internet users, has just launched Qwant Maps, an application similar to Google Maps. The company’s founder...

Airbus Races to the Stars in Florida

The European aviation group will be inaugurating a satellite production facility near Cape Canaveral in Florida this fall. Airbus already makes mid-haul aircraft in Alabama but is now turning to space defense and government contracts for the U.S. armed forces. The building set to host the future Airbus factory has been finished at the NASA space complex in Exploration Park....

French Tech at the MoMA in New York

The Museum of Modern Art in New York will be exhibiting and selling some 30 objects made by French startups from May 9 through 29. French businesses are the guests of honor at the MoMa Design Store as part of NYCxDesign, an annual design festival in New York. This department in the museum is exhibiting a collection of 30 objects...

Essteem Hugues Seureau Sylvain Dechartres ingénieures
Essteem, a Mutual Aid Network for Women Engineers

Two French entrepreneurs living in New York have created a platform aimed at fostering the recruitment of women to engineering companies. After a three-month trial in France, the Essteem startup is now setting out to conquer the United States. Women make up 20% of engineers employed in France and earn 20% less than their male counterparts — a situation also...

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France Wants Become an Artificial Intelligence Leader

"I think artificial intelligence will disrupt all the different business models and it’s the next disruption to come,” said Emmanuel Macron to the American magazine Wired. “So I want to be part of it.” The French president has recently announced that France will spend €1.5 billion within the next five years to catch up with the United States and China...

Is the 2008 Crisis Responsible for the “French Tech” Boom?

The development of France’s technological sector was certainly not sparked by the election of Emmanuel Macron. Long overshadowed by England and Germany, the emerging “French Tech” is now thought to have begun with the 2008 crisis and the burst of the dot-com bubble. Young French graduates are now spurning traditional industries and civil-service jobs in favor of innovation and start-up...

In California, a Car Wash with a Green, French Touch

Car washing is America’ quintessential chore. But when French entrepreneur Bertrand Patriarca arrived in the U.S. three years ago, he was surprised by the industry’s lack of structure. Washers don’t need a license to operate. The largest car washing company owns less than 0.25 % of the country’s 113,000 stations. Patriarca intends to change this, along with three French associates...

Macron-Apple, a Meeting of Leaders

The French president met with the CEO of Apple in Paris on October 6. Should we see this as a business meeting, or an encounter between two heads of state? French journalist Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber published The American Challenge in 1967, which went on to be a best-seller both in France and the U.S.A. The writer observed in his work that...[Subscriber]

France Needs an Innovation Revolution

Start-up incubators like Station F, which opened recently in Paris, are a sign of progress, but France needs radical change. Silicon Valley-based French-American innovator Navi Radjou lists three steps to foster innovation in France. With Emmanuel Macron as president and his party winning a decisive majority in recent parliamentary elections, France’s ailing economy may finally receive a shot in the arm....

The French Number: The App that Lets you Connect with French Locals

[Partner Article] The French Number, the crowdsourced hotline for France, now has users in 167 countries — a veritable telephone social network. Cocorico! Connect with a targeted French person based on location, interests or gender. For instance, for Chelsea from New York, who is preparing for a trip to Nice, getting in touch directly with a local will enable her to get...

The French-American Business Awards Return to the West Coast

California entrepreneurs take note! The 4th French-American Business Awards (FABA) will take place in San Francisco on May 25. Applications for the Start-up of the Year Award will be open until April 23. Created in 2013 by the French-American Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco (FACCSF), the French-American Business Awards (FABA) is an annual competition which rewards francophone businesses and...

Applications Are Open for the FAEA Award

Young entrepreneurs, this is for you! You have until March 24 to apply for the French-American Entrepreneurship Award, an annual startup competition recognizing French entrepreneurs launching businesses in the United States. Applications are open to company founders who are 35 or less, who have been in business for three years or less, and who are fluent in both French and English. Eligible entries...