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France Behind the Rise of Rugby in the United States

The United States, the land of football, may well be hosting the Rugby World Cup in 2031. This ambition is a reflection of the boom in Major League Rugby, a U.S. rugby union competition, which has largely been made possible by French players, coaches, and managers. Between late April and early May, two French players announced they were being transferred...

Monet, the Late Years

An exhibition opening on June 16 at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, focuses on the last years, and the last works, of French painter Claude Monet, an icon of Impressionism and a pioneer of abstractionism. Monet has been called “the great anti-depressant,” and it would be hard to dispute the uplifting qual- ity of those luminous scenes...

Berthe Morisot and the Problem With Being One of the Boys

A new Berthe Morisot exhibition at the Barnes Collection in Philadelphia, and later at the Dallas Museum of Art, has a strong flavor of rediscovery — or even resurrection — of a once prominent artist. Nobody could call the Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot an outsider. She was said to be descended on her mother’s side from the Rococo master Honoré...

Philippe Labro, the Tireless “Americanologist”

Through diverse chapters of U.S. history such as the conservative South of the 1950s, the election of Barack Obama, the 1960s, and the assassination of JFK, French journalist and writer Philippe Labro has observed, recorded, analyzed, and tried to understand America. The president of the United States was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and Philippe Labro was sent to Dallas...

Hurricane Harvey Echoes the 1910 Paris Flood
The Houston Chronicle

Hurricane Harvey, the first major hurricane of 2017, hit Texas on August 25 and wreaked havoc on the region for 8 days. Houses were ripped apart by heavy winds, flooded by torrential rains or affected later as storm water caused overrun rivers to flood onto land. Houston, the fourth most populous city in the U.S., received a majority of the...

The Lycée International de Houston Starts its First Semester

The school will be opening its doors for the first time on August 21, offering an additional option for the increasing number of Francophone families in Houston. The corridors are freshly painted, the floor has been laid, and the furniture is all in place in the classrooms. The Lycée International de Houston was inaugurated on July 14, 2017, and is...

From the French Countryside to the Texas Table

Hedda Gioia Dowd roams the French countryside looking for antiques with a story to decorate her Texas restaurants. From silver cutlery to antique linens to old kitchen utensils, she has made a business of upcycling French history. Dowd is more than a mere Francophile. Her annual trips to France are more than just vacations. Every fall, she rents an old...

French Soufflés Are Rising in Texas!

The rise and fall of this uncommon, classically French spectacle made out of something as simple as an egg is the specialty of the Rise restaurants in Dallas and Houston. The latter, which makes some 300 soufflés a night, will be participating in Houston Restaurant Week through September 4. Often described as “magic,” soufflés come out of the oven airy...

Acrobats from Compagnie XY on Tour in the United States

Compagnie XY is taking off for the United States. The Lille-based collective will be in Houston (Texas), Charleston (South Carolina) and New York from June 2 to July 22 performing "It’s Not Yet Midnight," an acrobatic show where everything happens… in the air. The show It’s Not Yet Midnight won the hearts of French audiences at its premiere performance at the 2014...

French Artist Pierre Huyghe Receives the Nasher Prize for Sculpture

On Saturday April 1st in Dallas, Texas, French artist Pierre Huyghe received the Nasher Prize, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the world of sculpture. It’s not the first time Pierre Huyghe has found success in America. In 2010, he was the first French national to receive the annual Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Contemporary Artist Award. And in 2015,...