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The Transatlantic Travels of an American Bird

Turkeys are the centerpieces of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and are as American as apple pie and Coca-Cola. This bird appeared in the Americas around one million years ago before arriving in Europe, becoming a favorite at the royal court of Louis XIV and across the French kingdom! Turkeys were long a source of confusion for Europeans. Christopher Columbus, who...

Twelve Ideas for a French Thanksgiving

It is hard to think of a more American tradition than Thanksgiving! Yet it is quite easy to add a little French flavor to your dinner while still serving the traditional turkey. With this in mind, France-Amérique gathered some expert advice from twelve French-American gourmets. Dominique Crenn, French chef, owner of three restaurants in San Francisco, author of the book...

Thanksgiving: A Turkey With French Dressing

In 1952, a young American journalist set out to enlighten the French about the origins of the Thanksgiving holiday. He did so with a twinkle in the eye and his tongue firmly in cheek. The journalist was Art Buchwald, later renowned as a Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator and humorist but then a rookie reporter based in Paris. Through talent, effort...

Turkey With a French Dressing: The Gentle Art (Buchwald) of Humor

Thanksgiving is the one day in the year which, as O. Henry reminds us, is purely American. It’s also the only day when overeating is considered a patriotic duty. And when, according to another keen observer, we surpass the French in culinary matters... Spare a thought on November 22 for those Americans living in France who will try to recreate the...

Recipe for a French Thanksgiving

Tired of the traditional turkey? This year, why not celebrate Thanksgiving the French way — with a duck confit! Take inspiration from the world's most decorated chef, French culinary superstar Joël Robuchon, whose duck confit recipe is featured on the menu at his latest restaurant, L'Atelier. [For 2 persons] Ingredients For duck: 2 duck legs 2 Ib (1 kg) duck...

In the Promised Land

Having become an American citizen two year ago, after ten years of administrative procedures, I find myself confronted with the final step: celebrating Thanksgiving. Not to honor the fourth Thursday of November would not be very American. It would be entirely un-American. Forget the green cards, the passports and the right to vote. Surely Thanksgiving is the one, true consecration...

American Grocery Stores for Thanksgiving in Paris

France-Amérique has selected some of the best American grocery stores in the French capital, so you can prepare your special dinner as if you were back home. Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel’s Grocery Rachel Moeller made a name for herself as a purveyor of cheesecakes for the most fashionable establishments in Paris. Buoyed by her rapid success, she opened her own grocery...

An American Thanksgiving in Paris

American immigrants are full of ingenious ideas when it comes to perpetuating the tradition of Thanksgiving abroad. A large number of Parisians have been won over, and now also celebrate this U.S. holiday with family and friends, at home and at church. The fourth Thursday in November is one of the rare dates every U.S. citizen marks on the calendar....