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I Love You, Mon Amour: Ten Legendary French-American Couples

The following portraits are of artists, designers, writers, diplomats, and actors. Half are French, half are American. And all of them are in love! In celebration of Valentine’s Day, France-Amérique has taken a closer look at ten legendary French-American couples whose passionate or thwarted romances have gone down in 20th-century history. Juliette Gréco & Miles Davis Miles Davis could well have...

A Hundred Years of Transatlantic Romance

These French-American lovebirds include artists, writers, actors, and dancers. As part of Valentine’s Day, which has morphed from a pagan occasion to a celebration of courtly love to a consumer frenzy spearheaded by stores selling flowers and chocolate on both sides of the Atlantic, France-Amérique is presenting ten French-American couples who left their mark on the last century. Pierre Cartier...

The Gruesome Origins of Valentine’s Day

Let’s take a look at the origins of Valentine’s Day, which over the years has been a pagan festival, a Catholic celebration, a sordid medieval custom, a romantic tradition, and a commercial ritual marketed by U.S. postcard vendors. The United States has a taste for festivities, and far more so than France. Americans constantly move from one event to the...

A Bouquet of Pure, French Elegance

From elegant bouquets to sophisticated compositions, the floral creations by Agnès de Villarson adorn inauguration ceremonies, charity galas, Fashion Week shows and celebrity weddings. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, France-Amérique met up with this French florist, who has been working in New York for seven years. Agnès de Villarson’s Upper East Side living room is a treasure trove of beautiful...