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The Resilience of American Democracy

Have we reached the end of American democracy? The anxiety expressed on the occasion of the November elections strikes me as excessive, writes Guy Sorman. That feelings run high in election season is not surprising and hardly new in the history of the United States. Without going all the way back to Abraham Lincoln, whose election provoked secession, we should...

FrancoFiles, a Rendez-Vous for Francophiles in the United States

France-Amérique has teamed up with the podcast produced by the French embassy in Washington D.C., whose second season will be launched on January 12. Upcoming themes include the American Library in Paris, the Marquis de Lafayette’s tour of the United States, and Francophone and American comics! Representing France in the United States, defending its interests, and protecting its citizens are...

Hopper in Paris: The Birth of a Master

Edward Hopper, 24, realized one of his dreams when he moved to Paris in October 1906. An array of works from his French years, which have had little public exposure, were set to be exhibited at the Phillips Collection in Washington D.C. from May 23. However, the current coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent closure of cultural institutions means this project...

Marcel Duchamp Finds a Home in Washington D.C.

Thanks to a major gift, the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. will offer unprecedented access to the work of one of the most pivotal and thought-provoking artists of recent times. Marcel Duchamp once observed that “a technique can be learned, but you can’t learn to have an original imagination” — a perfect mental note for visitors to Marcel Duchamp: The...

Philippe Etienne Confirmed as the New French Ambassador in Washington

The French ministry of foreign affairs gave France-Amérique the confirmation that Philippe Etienne will take up his post in Washington D.C. in September. Philippe Etienne, diplomatic advisor to Emmanuel Macron and a former ambassador to Germany, has been chosen to succeed Gérard Araud, who retired on April 19 of this year. He will begin his role after the G7 Summit...

Gérard Araud: “My Career Working Under Two Presidents”

The ambassador of France in the United States since 2014, Gérard Araud retired on April 19. Before stepping down, he shared his experience with France-Amérique. The full version of his "diplomatic testament" is to be published in the May issue of our magazine. After being appointed ambassador of France to the United States, I presented my credentials to Barack H. Obama...

The Ambassador of France in Washington Steps Down

Gérard Araud has been the ambassador of France in the United States since September 2014, and will be retiring on April 19 of this year. His successor has not yet been named. The ambassador has worked with two American presidents, and celebrated his retirement at a reception at the ambassadorial residence in Washington D.C. on Wednesday evening. Gérard Araud, 66,...

Corot’s Women Revealed in Washington D.C.

French landscape painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot was also a talented portrait artist and observer of the female form. This lesser-known part of his art is revealed in an exhibition opening on September 9 at the National Gallery of Art. Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1796-1875) is best known as a master of landscape painting in the 19th century, and a transitional figure between the French Neoclassical tradition...

Two Sister Paintings by Monet Reunited in Washington D.C.

Next stop for Monet amateurs is the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., where two sister paintings will be reunited through August 8. For the first time since their creation, two sister paintings named Jardin de l'artiste à Vétheuil produced by French Impressionist painter Claude Monet are reunited in the National Gallery of Art located in Washington D.C. Both...

Macron’s Visit to Washington as Seen by the American Media

With the bises (a kiss on both cheeks), the gushing praise, and the endless handshakes, the complicit relationship between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump has inspired countless reactions from the American media. “The couple seemed happy to be together again,” joked the New York Times, going so far as to describe the French president’s visit to Washington as a “bromance”...

Cézanne’s Portraits Get a Show of their Own

Paul Cézanne is not usually thought of as a portrait painter, but while portraiture was a limited by-product of his total output, it was still an integral aspect of his work. Cézanne's portraits will be the subject of an exhibition at the National Gallery of Art through July 1. The son of a banker who gave him an allowance, Cézanne never...[Subscriber]

Trump and Macron’s Toy Soldiers

After staring wide-eyed at the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées last year, Donald Trump now wishes to organize his own in Washington. Many wonder as to the reason behind the American president’s decision. Is he looking to prove the military might of the United States? Few doubt it, allies and adversaries alike. And given the similar events that have...[Subscriber]

Donald Trump Wants “A Parade Like the One in France”

The Pentagon has confirmed it is preparing a military parade similar to the French Bastille Day celebration, at the behest of the American president. The project has come under fire from a large number of critics. With its uniformed troops, armored vehicles, and an air show, the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées certainly made an impression on Donald Trump....

Donald Trump Invites Emmanuel Macron to Washington

Emmanuel Macron will be the first foreign government leader to be invited to the White House since the start of Donald Trump’s mandate. The French president will be the first world leader to be received ceremoniously at the White House, with a visit planned for late April. While several heads of government, including Macron, have already been received in Washington,...

Maison Kayser is Coming to Washington D.C.

The Maison Kayser brand of bakeries and cafés is continuing to convert Americans to the art of good bread. The French company originally moved to New York in 2012, and is set to open two new sites in Washington D.C. in February 2018. Update: The first bakery opened on February 8 at 1345 F Street NW. The second location will open...

Remembering the “Freedom Fries” Episode in Washington

Nathalie Loiseau, former director of the French administration school and Minister of European Affairs in the recently-formed Macron government, spent five years in the United States working as the spokesperson for the French Embassy in Washington D.C. It was a trying time for relations between France and America. From 2002 to 2007, when American officials in Washington needed a French...

“There Is Much to Discover About 18th-Century French Painting”

While the French Impressionists are well known from many exhibitions across the years, the same is not true of their 18th century predecessors. In fact, Watteau, Fragonard, and many of their contemporaries are sometimes dismissed as merely decorative artists without the depth and complexity of later French painters and sculptors. That doesn’t mean that acquisitive American collectors didn’t include them...