The Benalla Affair, a French Watergate

French politics is suddenly resembling the situation in the U.S. Some are comparing the Benalla affair to Watergate. The ingredients may be the same, but the French version is rather watered-down. The Benalla scandal — named after the man employed by Emmanuel Macron who was fired for assaulting two students during the May Day protests in Paris — is…

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  • L’incident place de la Contrescarpe n’a été considéré comme grave que par la position de ce voyou de Benalla au sein de l’Elysée. Eût-ce été un autre individu, ouvrier de son état, la presse n’aurait pas levé le petit doigt et l’opposition ne se serait pas déchainé comme elle l’a fait. On n’aurait rien retrouvé dans le Monde ou le Canard Enchainé. Cet état des lieux pourtant montre que Macron va s’en sortir non pas avec les honneurs mais avec une impunité certaine.

  • Manu could have said at the outset that he’d made a mistake by not doing his homework on Benalla. If cops are dangerous, and they are, cop wannabes are worse, this is Trayvon Martin without the fatality, luckily. Of course there might have been nothing in his file, but that would have got Manu off the hook. I also take issue with the comparison to Watergate, a much more serious affair. If we don’t believe Manu told Benalla to assault a couple of students, then there is no comparison at all.

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