The French Benevolent Society to Hold its Annual Dinner in Philadelphia

Founded in 1793, the French Benevolent Society of Philadelphia will hold its 8th annual dinner at the restaurant R2L on November 8 at 7 pm.

This is the first French association in the United States. Back in 1793, the French Benevolent Society of Philadelphia helped French citizens who had fled to the U.S. capital city in the aftermath of the French Revolution and the slave uprising of Saint-Domingue [the French colony was renamed Haiti after its independence in 1804.]

Today, the association also helps Americans of French descent as well as French-speaking students who wish to attend university in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The annual dinner will allow the French Benevolent Society to raise 20,000 dollars, according to its president Yves Quintin.

“Tonight’s dinner has two objectives,” says Quintin, a native of Quimper in Brittany and a lawyer in Philadelphia. “Raising funds for our association and spread the word about our work among the French-speaking community in Pennsylvania.”

R2L Restaurant