The Global Warming Cool-Down

Donald Trump already appears to be bogged down in U.S. bureaucracy. His hands are tied by multiple counter-powers, starting with his own Republican Party. The President-elect is now backtracking from his discourse on illegal immigrants, Obamacare and sanctions on Chinese imports. He even went to ask Barack Obama for advice.

Almost overnight, Trump has come to realize the gaping void between his primitive, electoral war cry and the practical realities of his position. His flamboyant, unpredictable persona may reappear at any moment to shake up the relative order of the economy and international institutions. But he will not step back from one major point voiced throughout his campaign, one that matches with his convictions and those of his voters, his party and the majority of Americans: Donald Trump will not back down on global warming.

It is certain that, using some legal ruse or simple bad faith, the next U.S. government will not respect the Paris Agreement, which obliges its signatories to implement a year-on-year reduction of their CO2 output — one of the main gases


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