The Harlem Hellfighters: African-American Fighters in French Uniforms

Some 4,500 Black American soldiers, victims of segregation laws in force in the U.S. army, fought in French uniforms during World War I. Nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters, these soldiers displayed exceptional valor in combat. Here is their incredible yet little-known story. "Up the wide avenue they swung. Their smiles outshone the golden sunlight […]. New…

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  • Beaucoup de mes élèves américains étudiant le français avec moi m’ont dit tout ignorer de ce chapitre de leur histoire. En leur nom et en mon nom, merci d’éclairer ces chapitres obscurs…

  • “Swing dancing” in 1919? I don’t think so, as the word “swing” attached to music and dancing didn’t come into usage until the 1930s. I would very much like to see the original article from the NY Herald Tribune to see what the real wordage is.

    • Our apologies for this translation oversight. The sentence should read “Up the wide avenue they swung” instead of “They were swing dancing in the street.”

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