The Irremovable Donald Trump

Much to everyone’s surprise, the U.S. president seems set to lead the dance until the music stops. What’s more, his voters are increasingly enthusiastic and his opposition is paralyzed.

Ronald Reagan earned the nickname “the Teflon President” during the 1980s because nothing seemed to affect him or hamper his popularity, despite his mistakes and a number of scandals. Is Trump cut from the same cloth? Everything seems to incriminate him, from his militaristic showboating, his insults against black people, women, immigrants, and journalists, his incoherent attitude with world leaders, his disregard for justice, his financial dealings, and his suspect relationship with Putin. Be that as it may, one third of Americans — those who voted for him — continue to offer their unwavering support. A third does not a majority make, but as this particular third is solid and the opposition is dispersed, Trump is difficult to unseat.

It could even be said his misdemeanors are the reason he has stayed popular. Flying in the face of predictions — and hopes, for some – he has not become an ordinary president. Instead


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