“The Midwife”: The Down-Trodden and the Diva

Starring Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot, the latest film by Martin Provost tells the story of an unlikely friendship between two totally opposed women.

Claire (Catherine Frot) works as a midwife in a small maternity clinic threatened with closure in the Paris region. Her professional attitude and altruism have led her to sacrifice everything and devote herself entirely to her job. Béatrice (Catherine Deneuve) is her polar opposite, an adventurous temptress who enjoys drinking, smoking and playing poker. A man is the only thing they have in common: Claire’s father and Béatrice’s lover, who committed suicide 30 years ago after Béatrice left him on a whim.

Claire’s quiet, organized life is shaken when her father’s mistress reappears, suffering from a brain tumor and hoping for forgiveness. An initially reluctant Claire finally gives in to her ex-step-mother’s pleas, and the two women begin forging a complicated relationship torn between fury, tenderness and laughter. After recovering from the initial shock, they come to understand and rely on each other. Their time together gradually enables Claire to break through the limits that were holding her back, while Béatrice finally slows her frenetic lifestyle… A sincere, delicate film written specifically for its two leading actresses, who form an irresistible on-screen duo.

The trailer:

Opens on July 21 in New York (Paris Theatre, Angelika Film Center) and in Los Angeles (Laemmle’s Royal Theatre), followed by a national release.

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