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This Week on TV5 Monde USA (June 22-28)

Every week, France-Amérique will compile a list of 5 films, series, documentaries, cooking shows, and children’s shows you don’t want to miss on TV5 Monde USA, the first French-language television channel in the United States.

1. Irresponsable – Season 1, Episode 1, 2, 3, and 4
Tuesday, June 23, at 11:05 pm EST (8:05 pm PST)

At 31, Julien is an eternal teenager, unable to get a grip, fleeing responsibility, penniless, taking minor dead-end jobs. He finds himself obliged to return home and live with his mother Sylvie, in Chaville. By chance, he meets Marie, an ex from his teenage years he hadn’t heard from. | Series directed by Stephen Cafiero with Sébastien Chassagne, Marie Kauffmann, and Théo Fernandez (France, 2016).


© Tetra Media Fiction/La Pépinière

2. Faso Vélo
Wednesday, June 24, at 3 pm EST (12 pm PST)

Thomas Sankara created the Tour du Faso in 1987 to give his country, Burkino Faso, a more modern and pacific image. He was assassinated in October the same year, but the Tour survived him. Thirty years later it is Africa’s leading cycle race, flying the flag for this small country in the Sahel. | Documentary directed by Olivier Dijon (France, 2017).


© Ça Vous Play Productions

3. Tomorrow and Thereafter
Thursday, June 25, at 8:30 am EST (5:30 am PST)

Nine year-old Mathilde lives alone with her fragile but loving mother. Some consider her mad but the young girl pretends to ignore their jibes! She prefers taking refuge in her own inner world, conversing with her talking owl. Perhaps to avoid thinking about the inevitable separation to come. | Film directed by Noémie Lvovsky with Luce Rodriguez, Noémie Lvovsky, and Mathieu Amalric (France, 2015).


© Carole Bethuel/F Comme Film/Gaumont/France 2 Cinéma

4. Le Pouvoir Nuit-il Gravement à la Santé?
Friday, June 26, at 3:05 pm EST (12:05 pm PST)

Recent research in psychology and neuroscience show the extent to which power, solitude and stress affect behavior. These three elements, indissociable from the function of President of the Republic, raise the following the question: What are the effects of power on heads of state? Investigation. | Documentary directed by Hélène Fresnel and Hélène Risser (France, 2018).


© Day for Night/Public Sénat

5. Echappées Belles: Sultanat d’Oman, Parfums d’Orient
Saturday, June 27, at 8:30 pm EST (5:30 pm PST)

The Sultanate of Oman, land of legends, pearl of the Arabian Desert. Despite certain similarities with neighboring emirates, Oman stands out with its own culture and diverse traditions, careful to conserve its landscapes and protect the tranquillity of its population, their culture and their artisanal and architectural know-how. | Travel show hosted by Jérôme Pitorin (France, 2018).


© TV5 Monde

=> The full schedule of the programs broadcast on TV5 Monde USA is available on the channel’s website!