Transatlantic Cousins

At first glance, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron seem to have nothing in common. The two men, however, share certain similarities.

The former is twice as old and antagonistic; the latter even-tempered and well-behaved. Trump flouts all protocol, while the French president upholds European good manners. Trump is a nationalist and a populist, hostile to immigrants and to anything he labels un-American; he promotes the nation’s turn inward towards its own territory and its own values; he is instinctively distrustful of outsiders and of trade; he does not believe in diplomacy and considers shows of force and even bellicose gestures to be the best response to rivals, allies, and enemies — if he were even inclined to distinguish between these three groups. Macron, on the other hand, represents an open concept of French culture; he warmly welcomes international contributions, is committed to active diplomacy, demonizes neither individuals nor groups, and considers what we call globalization as a benefit to humanity. We can add that Macron does nothing to hide his fervent Catholicism, while Trump’s religion is closer to the worship of material success


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