Trump and Macron’s Toy Soldiers

After staring wide-eyed at the July 14 parade on the Champs-Elysées last year, Donald Trump now wishes to organize his own in Washington.

Many wonder as to the reason behind the American president’s decision. Is he looking to prove the military might of the United States? Few doubt it, allies and adversaries alike. And given the similar events that have taken place in Moscow, Beijing, and Pyongyang, this parade is more likely to reveal a feeling of insecurity on America’s part. This military show of strength will surely damage the image of the United States, a nation more popular abroad for its democracy, capacity for innovation, and entertainment industries than its missiles. Parading the armed forces would in fact reduce U.S. influence and bring its power down to the same level as miliary dictatorships. Wave goodbye to diplomacy and soft power! But these are little more than rational arguments put forward by American officers themselves. Trump is set on having his parade.

We could also turn a critical eye on the July 14 celebrations in


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