What do Americans Know About Bastille Day?

Inspired by President Trump’s visit to Paris, Fox News went to the Jersey Shore and asked beach-goers questions about Bastille Day and French culture. The answers are, hum, interesting.

Watch the video below to hear the answer to questions like “Who was Napoleon?”, “What is your favorite French food?”, and “Trump is in France commemorating the 100th anniversary of which war?” (hint, it’s not the Cold War!).

  • What the French may not know! That USA was against the war in Algeria and wanted France to leave this country, yes, so as an allied France is far from sharing the best American philosophy. That everybody is a complete entity and deserve respect and tolérance, which France never had.
    So remember staying aside from the BS 14th of July, America don’t have any common ground for that day or better as a souvenir.

    • Just to tell you, what you’re saying means nothing as 14th of July is French Revolution: 1789. Algerian war was in the 20th century. Btw, your comment coming from an American is really funny tho. You forget how your country was built and how since you guys exists (1492) you always have been at war. Vietnam was a massacre. So France might has made a mistake in Algeria but you’re right we have nothing in common with you. Tolerance and philosophy are French values, not American ones 🙂 And if we read your comment there’s not a chance that you know one thing about France because we are the country of enlightenment and human rights (18th century) but anyway, have a good day.

  • @Karim “That American philosophy is a complete entity and deserve respect and tolerance, what France never had.” I didn’t think it was possible to fit so much bullshit in so few words. (You’re certainly a reader of The Washington Post and the NYT. Or/And an adept of the flat earth theory.)

  • Every year my husband and I want to celebrate Bastille Day at a French Restaurant that knows what it is all about. We go to the Los Angeles and Orange County area to celebrate. Palm Springs is the only area restaurant (Pomme Frite) that seems to celebrate.

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