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Alice Raymond & Carol Jazzar: Interrupta Narratio

French artists Alice Raymond and Carol Jazzar created this exhibition that offers viewers an infinite number of possible narratives. We create narratives with words, images and symbols, and with these tools we tell or depict stories. Fixed on a sheet of paper, the narrative is now subject to interpretation. Each reader or viewer coming with his or her own personal history, knowledge and appreciation will often see the proposed narrative differently than the artist’s intent. Perception differs. Furthermore, a narrative is subject to time and context. What we understand or see at one moment can change one month or years later. In that regard, we can say that narratives are partial and multiple.

The exhibit, which includes drawings and collages, is a visual essay. Although using different techniques, both artists create compositions that stem from instinctive choices: automatic drawings for Raymond and cut‑outs from Artforum magazines for Jazzar. Works are poetic or absurd depending on one’s perception. Combining psychoanalysis and art, Raymond will take you into a fascinating world while Jazzar, using instinct as her first tool, reinterpretes in her own way different works of contemporary art. Created with words, images and symbols, this narrative is a journey through reality and absurdity.