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Winter Jazz Festival 2018: French Quarter

Winter Jazzfest is the annual New York home to the exciting and forward-thinking contemporary jazz music being made today. It attacts a unique, deeply engaged, discerning audience, a diverse range of cultural enthusiasts and music fans from across North America and over 20 countries.

Now in its fifth edition, French Quarter, initiated by Paris Jazz Club, brings more than 30 French jazz musicians to venues and festivals throughout New York City. Complete with creative and electrifying performances, this year’s program will showcase the vibrant French jazz scene and celebrate the longstanding relationship between French and American artists.

French and American artists will include: Laura Perrudin & Becca Stevens; Guilhem Flouzat Trio; Yacine Boularès; Gaël Horellou & Ari Hoenig; Perrine Mansuy & Christophe Leloil; Fred Nardin US Trio; Samy Thiébault; and Rhoda Scott « Lady » Quartet.