Thierry Rautureau: Out of the Kitchen and onto our Small Screens

Thierry Rautureau is perhaps best known to Americans by his nickname, “the Chef in the Hat”. Having been a Seattleite for 30 years, the chef from the Vendée region hosts a weekly radio show and regularly appears on cooking programs on The Food Network, PBS and Bravo. His small screen appearances act as a second storefront for his café, Luc, which will be...

Jacques Torres Inaugurates his Chocolate Museum in New York

Choco-Story is the very first chocolate museum in New York, and opened in the SoHo neighborhood on March 7. Founded by French chocolatier Jacques Torres, the new institution looks back over the history of cacao. A Mayan manuscript sits proudly in a showcase. The artifact is a reproduction of an original codex dating back to pre-Columbian societies in the third...

Jacky Robert’s Gastronomical Family Heritage

Normandy-born chef Jacky Robert is continuing his family traditions in Boston. Starting out alongside his late uncle Lucien Robert, he helped make the restaurant Maison Robert into a showcase for French gastronomy, popular with Julia Child and the Kennedy family. Since 2005, the French chef has delighted the Boston smart-set with his own restaurant, Ma Maison, which will be taking...

Bouche, a Slice of Provence in New Mexico

From appetizers to desserts, the bistro Bouche blends French and American influences. Heading up this Santa Fe restaurant, American chef Charles Dale offers a menu showcasing the American southwest while paying homage to his childhood on the French Riviera and his years spent in New York alongside French chef Daniel Boulud. Bouche is also one of the 50 restaurants taking...

Le Coq Rico Puts Poultry on a Pedestal!

Alsace-born chef Antoine Westermann opened his bistro Le Coq Rico in Manhattan last march. The upscale eatery specializes in poultry, and is taking part in the New York Restaurant Week for the very first time this year. Taking a seat after the frenzied lunch service, the French chef talked to us about his passion for chicken (“a generous, versatile animal...

The King’s Cake

Starting in January 2017, France-Amérique will explore each month the history and the traditions behind a famous French pastry or candy. On the first Sunday of January, France celebrates the Epiphany by sharing a Galette des Rois — a King's Cake. There are countless stories, legends, mysteries and unexpected anecdotes surrounding this emblematic French cake, an irresistible, sweet delight open to a whole host...[Subscriber]

Recipe: Crispy Capon with Chestnuts

To celebrate a Christmas the French way, France-Amérique prepared for you a delicious forest-themed holiday menu: a crispy capon with chestnuts, gingerbread, and foie gras, and a chestnut mousse with vanilla cream custard. Serves 6 PREPARATION The stuffing (30 minutes) should be prepared the day before. Cooking time on the day: 2 hours USTENSILS 1 paintbrush INGREDIENTS Poultry: 1 capon For...

Recipe: Chestnut Mousse and Vanilla Cream Custard

To celebrate a Christmas the French way, France-Amérique prepared for you a delicious forest-themed holiday menu: a crispy capon with chestnuts, gingerbread, and foie gras, and a chestnut mousse with vanilla cream custard. Serves 6 PREPARATION Mousse: 20 minutes (the day before) Cream custard: 20 minutes (the day before) USTENSILS 1 mixer 1 big bowl 1 ice box 1 measuring glass...

David Lebovitz, an American (Chef) in Paris

Living in Paris since 2004, David Lebovitz, the former pastry chef at Chez Panisse (the Berkeley restaurant known for pioneering the farm-to-table movement in the United States), is now an acclaimed food writer, food blogger, and artisan French baguette enthusiast. His seventh book will be published next Fall. France-Amérique: You have worked in a kitchen for more than thirty years. How did you...

American Grocery Stores for Thanksgiving in Paris

France-Amérique has selected some of the best American grocery stores in the French capital, so you can prepare your special dinner as if you were back home. Happy Thanksgiving! Rachel’s Grocery Rachel Moeller made a name for herself as a purveyor of cheesecakes for the most fashionable establishments in Paris. Buoyed by her rapid success, she opened her own grocery...

An American Thanksgiving in Paris

American immigrants are full of ingenious ideas when it comes to perpetuating the tradition of Thanksgiving abroad. A large number of Parisians have been won over, and now also celebrate this U.S. holiday with family and friends, at home and at church. The fourth Thursday in November is one of the rare dates every U.S. citizen marks on the calendar....[Subscriber]

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Gluten-Free

Gluten-free chips, gluten-free dips, and gluten-free soups, pretzels, beer, and bread, not to mention gluten-free cheese sticks, fish sticks, bread sticks and soy sticks. These were just a few of the thousands of products on display at the most lavish annual gluten-free trade-fair that traversed the U.S. last Fall, according to a report in The New Yorker. This edenic profusion...[Subscriber]

Paris’ First American Diner

French gastronomy is generally regarded as one of the leading heavyweights in world cuisine. Food-enthusiasts travel to France from all over the world to sample and delight in the country’s famous dishes. While at the other end of the spectrum is often placed the ignominious food nations: Great Britain, Germany… and the USA, whose critics typically look down on it...[Subscriber]

A New York, Ladurée organise des cours de pâtisserie

Depuis février 2014, la boutique Ladurée de SoHo offre macarons, gâteaux, tartelettes, cakes et sorbets aux gourmands de New York. Depuis mai dernier, la maison française propose également des cours de pâtisserie. Sur le plan de travail, bols, cuillères et spatules sont prêts à l’emploi. Dans des récipients, sont disposés les ingrédients : poudre d’amande, sucre glace, blancs d’œufs, colorant...

Liberty, Equality, Gastronomy!

Michel Bastid, the newly appointed chef de cuisine at the Embassy of France in Washington, hardly had time to unpack his bags when he got his first taste of things to come: the annual Goût de France dinner held at French embassies around the world in early March to celebrate the country’s continued gastronomic edge in a fast food world....[Subscriber]

Jacques Torres’ Chocolate Factory

With his singsong accent, the occasional well-placed joke and an endless list of easy recipes to make at home, Jacques Torres has been introducing America to high-quality chocolate for 16 years. Defending excellence and skill in a country often associated with the Big Mac, he champions natural products free of additives and preservatives, and with a minimum cocoa content of...

Daniel Rose: The Parisian Chef Comes Home to America

American chef Daniel Rose arrived in France 18 years ago to study art history and Plato’s Le Banquet, but then completely changed direction. He left university to devote himself to cooking and opened Spring, a successful Parisian restaurant offering “relaxed” French cuisine. Daniel Rose is now getting ready to serve up his own style of French fare in the SoHo...[Subscriber]

Suzanne Goin, Chef de Lucques et A.O.C / Chef at Lucques and A.O.C

Fr. La passion de Suzanne Goin pour la gastronomie fran­çaise lui vient de Julia Child. « Mon père, qui avait eu une éducation culinaire à la française avait offert Mastering the Art of French Cooking à ma mère. J’ai grandi en mangeant les plats des recettes de ce livre ». Après son diplôme à la Brown University, le chef réalise...[Subscriber]

Sébastien Pourrat, un “self-made” chef à New York

Dans l’ombre des médiatiques chefs français expatriés aux Etats-Unis, Sébastien Pourrat s’est bâti en quatre ans un restaurant et une réputation à New York. Portrait d'un restaurateur téméraire. Arrivé sans le sou aux Etats-Unis, avec fourchette et sac à dos, Sébastien Pourrat est aujourd’hui un chef comblé. Ce natif des environs de Bordeaux a ouvert il y a deux ans...

La France gagne la coupe du monde des traiteurs, les Etats-Unis deuxième.

Une équipe de trois Français a remporté samedi à Lyon la coupe du monde des traiteurs face à onze autres pays, ont annoncé les participants. Les Etats-Unis sont arrivés en deuxième position, suivis de la Suisse. "C'est énorme, on est très heureux, comblés mais aussi exténués car cela a été un véritable marathon", s'est réjoui Jean-François Bury, le chef de...

La gastronomie française est-elle périmée ?

Avec 25 euros en poche à Paris, ou 30 dollars à New York, où va-t-on manger la meilleure salade niçoise et la plus savoureuse blanquette de veau ? La question ne se posait pas il y a vingt ans, mais les progrès fulgurants de la gastronomie américaine et les difficultés économiques de la ­restauration en France ont changé la donne....