Iconic: Grey Goose, the Premium French Vodka

Grey Goose takes its name from the eponymous birds that migrate from Europe to Manhattan every year, and is the world’s third-highest-selling vodka, just behind Smirnoff and Absolut. Although little-known in France, this high-end vodka enjoys widespread popularity in the USA. It was originally created by an American, and has been distilled in Cognac, in France, since 1997.

While vodka is traditionally associated with Poland and Russia, the premium product on the American market is produced in France. Grey Goose was dreamed up by Sidney Frank (1919 – 2006) an American billionaire and importer of spirits who wanted to create a luxury vodka showcasing the prestigious image of France.

Developed in Gensac-la-Pallue (Charente), a town best-known for its eau-de-vie, Grey [...]

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