April 2016

OP-ED The Anti-Immigrant Outcry
POINT OF VIEW Money Quarrels Sour a Historic Relationship
ICONIC The Basque
GASTRONOMY The Parisian Chef Daniel Rose Comes Home to America
REPORTAGE Omaha Speaks French
HISTORY 750 Years in Paris
CINEMA Marguerite, “the Opera Singer Who Could Sing Everything Except Notes”
HERITAGE Living Heritage at the Calder Workshop in Saché
BON APPETIT Red Snapper with Fennel
BOOKS Where’s Karl?
LANGAGE The Fear of Everything


  • The New York TimesThe New York Times Patachou, a Parisian chanteuse who “built a reputation on an offbeat name, a penchant for guillotining men’s ties and the fact that she does not look, act or croon like Édith Piaf,” as The […] Posted in Seen Elsewhere
  • Daniel Rose: The Parisian Chef Comes Home to AmericaDaniel Rose: The Parisian Chef Comes Home to America American chef Daniel Rose arrived in France 18 years ago to study art history and Plato’s Le Banquet, but then completely changed direction. He left university to devote himself to cooking […] Posted in Gastronomy