December 2015

OP-ED Happy Holidays!
POINT OF VIEW What’s Wrong with France?
ICONIC Shalimar: The Perfume of the Roaring Twenties
FRENCH BUSINESS Airbus: Blue Skies for French Aircraft in Alabama
FASHION Jacqueline de Ribes: French Muse and Icon
HISTORY The Invention of Santa Claus
LITERATURE Gilles Leroy: Three American Women
HERITAGE The Donjon de Vez, a Medieval Residence for Contemporary Artists
BON APPETIT Merry Christmas!
BOOKS Louis Vuitton Windows
LANGUAGE Madam is Served


  • Memphis, un modèle pour le futur Grand ParisMemphis, un modèle pour le futur Grand Paris Mais pourquoi donc Maurice Leroy, ministre de la Ville chargé du Grand Paris se rend-il régulièrement à Memphis dans le Tenessee ? Parce que la ville de Memphis représente un modèle à […] Posted in Business
  • Revolution as Play in FranceRevolution as Play in France On July 14, Americans celebrate Bastille Day. On this day, the French celebrate more than their National Day or the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille: they celebrate the […] Posted in Society