September 2015

OP-ED Democracy in France and in America
POINT OF VIEW Happy Like a Jew in France
ICONIC The Bic Ballpoint Pen
FRENCH BUSINESS Maison Kayser is Making Artisan Bread on a Large Scale
HERITAGE The Contemporary Water Theatre Grove at Versailles
PORTFOLIO Versailles Revisited
CONNECTIONS Paul Claudel, Ambassador and Poet
HISTORY The Saga of French Laundries in California
BOOKS Proust for All
LANGUAGE The Names of Strange Ministers


  • Is God French?Is God French? Are you familiar with the saying “Heureux comme Dieu en France” (“As happy as God in France”)? The expression was used in Europe until the 1930s. It is of Yiddish origin: in the 19th […] Posted in Opinion
  • Les amis américains de la culture françaiseLes amis américains de la culture française Qu’ont en commun Versailles, la Bibliothèque Nationale de France à Paris et la cathédrale de Reims ? Tous trois doivent leur renaissance à des mécènes américains. La passion de ces […] Posted in Society