Harry’s Bar, a Slice of Manhattan in Central Paris

This Parisian cocktail bar was founded by an American jockey in the Opéra district of Paris’ 2nd arrondissement in 1911, and is the meeting place for Americans in Paris. The bar serves up White Ladies and Blue Lagoons for after-work aperitifs, hosts Thanksgiving celebrations, shows the Super Bowl and has directly covered the vote-count after every American presidential election since 1924.

It’s Sunday evening on the ground floor of Harry’s New York Bar. Four well-turned-out thirtysome-things are deep in secretive conversation in an alcove. At the back on the right, underneath the flags of American universities, a group of elegant men in suits and ties are enjoying a drink. A gentleman in his forties with a New Jersey accent is sitting near the bar. A gold band glints on his left hand as it brushes carelessly against the elbow of a woman wearing nothing o [...]

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