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Right-Wing Populism in France and the U.S.: A Comparative Perspective

JUNE 2, 2021

French-American Foundation USA
28 West 44th Street – Suite 812
New York, NY, 10036

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The French-American Foundation USA will host a Zoom webinar on Wednesday, June 2, at 1 pm EST to discuss populist movements in the United States and France. The event will feature guest speaker Gilles Ivaldi, A CNRS-affiliated researcher at Sciences Po’s political research center in Paris. The discussion will be moderated by Jordan Becker (Young Leader 2014), Incoming Director of Research in the Department of Social Sciences at West Point.

The rise of right-wing populism is one of the most significant political developments of the last decade. In Europe right-wing populist parties such as the French Rassemblement National (ex-Front National) have gained traction in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and, most importantly, during the 2015 migration crisis. In the United States, populist themes and ideas have played an important role in Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and in his redefinition of the Republican Party.

Adopting a transatlantic perspective, this conference will discuss crucial aspects of the populist phenomenon and its recent manifestations in France and the United States, in the specific context produced by the Covid-19 pandemic, asking whether the current crisis may mark the end of the populist cycle in both countries.

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