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Gabriel Bertrand

After studying journalism Montréal and graduating with a degree in journalism in Paris, Gabriel Bertrand is now based in the French capital. Most comfortable when on the ground, he travelled up and down France for a series of travel articles illustrated with watercolor paintings. For France-Amérique, he heads up the FrenchFluencers section focused on American Instagrammers living in France.

Anthony Bulger

Tony Bulger was born in England, worked in California as an educational director, and has lived in France for 40 years. As an author, journalist, translator, and language professor in French and English, he has an all-consuming curiosity with a penchant for literature, music, cinema, wine, good food, and dry humor.

Guy Sorman

Guy Sorman is a prolific writer and essayist for a number of French and international newspapers, and is currently the editor-at-large of France-Amérique. He splits his time between France and the United States, where he used to teach economics. He has written many books about America, including Made in USA, The Conservative Revolution in America, and In Praise of Giving: Understanding the American Heart.

Sophie Joubert

Sophie Joubert is a journalist for the Culture department of French daily L’Humanité, where she mainly writes about fiction and essays. She also works as a consultant for the Hors-Limites literary festival, supported by the Association Bibliothèques en Seine-Saint-Denis library group. She regularly hosts literary shows and interviews, and lives in Paris.

Jean-Gabriel Fredet

Jean-Gabriel Fredet is a journalist and an author. He worked as the editor-in-chief and American correspondent for Le Nouvel Observateur before joining the editorial team at Challenges. His passions include contemporary art, and at France-Amérique he offers a monthly analysis of the cultural news in this artistic sector previously reserved for the elite.

Benoît Georges

Benoît Georges has lived in New York with his family for the last two years, and is a longstanding contributor to French newspaper Les Echos, where he used to direct the Ideas and Debates section. For France-Amérique, his specialist subjects include the tech sector and French business. 

Tracy Kendrick

Florida-based Tracy Kendrick has headed up the France-Amérique’s Cultural Calendar section for years, reporting on the main French cultural events in the United States. Driven by her passion for French art, history, and fashion, she is familiar with all the leading museums and artistic spaces in America, and showcases their French collections every month.

Dominique Mataillet

Dominique Mataillet is a former journalist at Jeune Afrique and columnist for La Revue. For France-Amérique, he explores the ins and outs of the French language – which he masters like none other. He is also fascinated by the little-known stories of France, when he isn’t flying to Africa, of course!

Prune Perromat

Prune Perromat is an economics journalist at the AFP office in New York and the founder of the Literary Show Project, a literary talk show. Now specialized in documentaries, she writes articles for France-Amérique from all over America with a preference for portraits of women, art, and literature.

Julien Scavini

After honing his craft with the Parisian tailor André Guilson, Julien Scavini founded his own company in the chic seventh arrondissement of the French capital. He is the author of the blog Stiff Collar, in which he analyzes tailoring history and techniques. Today, he is known in France for his style column in newspaper Le Figaro and as the illustrator behind the covers of men’s fashion magazine Monsieur.

Jérôme Kagan

After his literary studies, Jérôme Kagan turned to journalism. His passion for artistic avant-garde movements in the interwar period led him to publish a book on the Roaring Twenties in 2019, and a biography of U.S. publisher Condé Nast in 2022. He currently lives and works in Paris, and continues to cultivate an interest in the eccentric and beautiful creatures of the last century, whose madcap adventures he recounts in France-Amérique.