The Wordsmith
Based on the terms “femicide” and “genocide,” this word is used by the far right to condemn the murder of French people supposedly killed […]
The Wordsmith
Regularly decried as the source of all evils, liberalism (like democracy) seems to be the worst system – except for all the others that […]
The Wordsmith
March is Francophonie Month, and March 20, International Francophonie Day. This term is used to describe both a sociolinguistic reality and a geopolitical concept. […]
Many American states, counties, cities and towns, a multitude of streets, forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers have French names. These toponyms are a testament […]
With his incoherent, repetitive style, coarse expressions, and dubious syntax, the American president has made life difficult for French translators and journalists. In Trumpspeak, […]
The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF) has been fighting to maintain French as the “normal and usual language” in the province of […]

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