Ariane Daguin, founder of the D’Artagnan gourmet-products distributor, has just sold her company for 102 million dollars. Her new project, a farm and a […]
Who still drinks Cognac in France? In its native land, the four-hundred-year-old brandy from the Charentes region is showing its age – and its […]
The smiley was born in the United States, but a business-savvy Frenchman claimed the rights to it 50 years ago. Franklin Loufrani and his […]
Philippe Labaune spent 25 years working as a wealth manager in New York before opening a gallery in Chelsea during the pandemic. He specializes […]
American production companies are looking for inspiration, sets, and film crews in France. To meet the growing demand from digital platforms, our two national […]
Mathilde Collin, the co-founder of Front, moved to San Francisco to be closer to her customers and investors. As the director of a 300-person […]
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In Dijon, the Briottets are considered blackcurrant royalty. They have been transforming the small, glossy, black berries into top-shelf liqueur since 1836. We recently […]
Bon Appétit
Daniel Boulud was born near Lyon and has become a culinary star in New York. In forty years, the chef has built a group […]
As CES, the world’s biggest technology expo, was hosted in Las Vegas earlier this month, we took a closer look at five French names […]
Fizzy Ceiling
Many of us forget that the biggest Champagne houses are the result of the work and vision of women who took over the family […]

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